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Kia e-Niro charging
How much is the company-car tax on an electric car?

Electric company-car tax is set to fall to 0% in April 2020, making hugely attractive to business buyers

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid
What is a hybrid car?

What is a hybrid car and how do hybrid cars work? Here, we explain it all

What is a hydrogen car?

A hydrogen fuel-cell car may sound like science-fiction, but they're here and could form a major part of the motoring landscape in years to come

What if an electric car runs out?

Like a petrol or diesel car running out of fuel, an electric car can run out of power. The good news is that the growing UK charging infrastructure means it's unlikely you'll be left stranded

What is vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging?

It won’t be long before your electric car will be able to sell electricity back to the grid from its batteries, helping you save even more money

Honda e
Are electric cars slow? Are electric cars boring?

Think electric cars are slow and boring? Wrong: instant torque from electric motors makes them very fast indeed...

Electric cars and road tax

Are electric cars exempt from road tax? Here's how the current system works

What is the cost of running an electric car?

Electric cars are cheaper to run than petrols and diesels, but exactly how much are the running costs exactly?

Car dealer finance
Buying an electric car using PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

PCP is the most popular type of car finance. This is how it works

Car dealer finance
Electric car leasing and personal contract hire (PCH) explained

Long-term car rental, otherwise known as car leasing or personal contract hire, is an increasingly popular way to purchase a car. This is how it works

Car finance delaer
Buying an electric car on hire purchase (HP) explained

Hire purchase finance remains a very popular way of buying a car in the UK. This is how it works

Car finance dealer
How to buy an electric car on finance: the complete guide

Buying an electric car on finance and want to weigh up options? We explain the differences between PCP, contract hire, personal loans and more

What is a range extender and how do they work?

Range extenders are another form of electric car. They help eliminate range anxiety while maintaining many of the benefits of a purely electric car

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

Ultra-low row running costs are one of the best reasons to go electric: here's now much charging will cost...

What is a self-charging hybrid?

The term 'self-charging hybrid' is being used more and more, but what exactly does it mean? Here, we outline the pros and cons of this technology

What is an electric car and how do electric cars work?

What makes electrics car different from petrols and diesels? And how do electric cars work? We have the answers

Electric car depreciation – will electric vehicles lose their value?

All vehicles lose their value over time, so depreciation affects any vehicle, whether electric or not. How much electric vehicles lose depends on many factors

Will an electric car work in the winter?

Worried about a cold snap immobilising your electric car? Here, we explain how cold weather affects electric cars

What is a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV?

Plug-in hybrids combine an electric motor and internal-combustion engine in an effort to offer 'the best of both worlds'. We explain all.