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We're here to help! Send us your questions about hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars and we'll do our best to answer

Coronavirus: what does it mean for hybrid and electric car drivers?

The UK government has issued myriad advice following the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic, but what does it mean for motorists?

What is a mild hybrid?

Just what is a mild hybrid car, and how do they work? Our handy guide explains it all

Electric car MoT test: does my EV need an MoT?

Like petrol or diesel models, all electric cars need an MoT. Here’s everything you need to know

How to choose the best home EV charger

If you’re buying an electric or plug-in hybrid car, you’ll want a home EV charger to top up the battery

Do electric cars have gearboxes?

Do electric cars have gears? Do they drive like automatics? Here's everything you need to know on the subject

Smart eScooter and eBike
Electric bike regulations UK: the law explained

Confused about UK electric bike regulations that extend to motorcycles, scooters and mopeds? We explain all the relevant laws here

Electric-car conversions: can I build my own electric car?

The idea of carrying out your own electric-car conversion seems tempting, but you’ll need specialist knowledge and it won't be cheap

car buying home delivery
Buying a car online: a guide

You don’t have to go to a showroom to buy a car these days. Here’s our guide to buying your car from the comfort of your own home

Electric and hybrid car tax refunds: how to claim yours

The policies around claiming surplus road tax have changed; if you’re selling your hybrid or electric car, we’ve got all you need to know

Can I tow a caravan with an electric or a hybrid car?

Want an electrified car but also need to tow a caravan? It's possible, but only if you choose the right car

Honda e
How to store an electric car long-term

Planning on leaving your electric car dormant for weeks, or even months? Here’s how to prepare your car for storage and keep it in good condition

Tesla Supercharger
Tesla charging stations: complete guide to the Tesla Supercharger network

The Tesla Supercharger network is expanding quickly, providing reliable rapid charging throughout the UK

What is CHAdeMO charging?

CHAdeMO is a rapid-charging DC standard, allowing fast charging of the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius Plug-in, and many other models

Selling electricity back to the grid

Electric cars will sell electricity back to the grid in the future, making them even more cost-effective for owners

Electric van payloads explained

Electric van payloads are similar to normal vans, but not identical. We explain in full

Ford Mustang MACH-E
Congestion Charge exempt cars: do electric cars have to pay?

Do electric cars have to pay the London Congestion Charge? We explain the ins and outs of this daily levy for driving into the UK's capital

What is an electric car and how do electric cars work?

What makes electrics car different from petrols and diesels? And how do electric cars work? We have the answers

HPI check
What is an HPI check?

‘HPI clear’ is a phrase you’ll have come across when car hunting – but what does it mean?

Dartford Crossing
Dartford Crossing: do electric cars pay the Dart Charge?

Unfortunately, electric cars aren’t exempt from the Dart Charge; it’ll cost you £2.50 to drive an electric car over the Dartford Crossing