Tesla Model 3
Tesla could offer contactless test drives in UK once coronavirus restrictions have eased

Contactless test-drive arrangements are already being used in China as lockdowns lift

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin construction continues despite coronavirus

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic can't stop the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, as construction continues apace

Tesla Model 3 review

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the best electric cars on sale, delivering great real-world range, tidy dynamics and a tech-filled interior

Tesla Supercharger
Tesla charging stations: complete guide to the Tesla Supercharger network

The Tesla Supercharger network is expanding quickly, providing reliable rapid charging throughout the UK

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y 2020: specs, pictures and on-sale date

Deliveries of the Tesla Model Y SUV are underway in the US, with UK cars due by the end of 2020

Tesla Model S review

The Tesla Model S remains one of the most desirable electric cars, but its qualities come at a substantial price

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X review

The Tesla Model X is a huge SUV with a variety of interior seating layouts, astonishing performance, and handy real-world range

Tesla Model 3 Track Pack
Tesla Model 3 Track Pack revealed

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is now available with a 'Track Pack', adding special wheels, brakes and Michelin tyres

New small Tesla
New Tesla small car teased in China

A potential new small Tesla model has been revealed on the China-only Wechat social-media network

Tesla Supercharger
Tesla V3 Supercharger rollout begins in Europe

First eight European V3 Tesla Superchargers go live in London, introducing peak charging rates of 250kW

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup revealed in Los Angeles

Tesla has unveiled its Cybertruck electric pickup, with radical angular styling, at an event in Los Angeles

Used Tesla Model S buying guide

All you need to know about buying a secondhand Tesla Model S electric car, produced from 2014 onwards

New Tesla Model 3 versus used Tesla Model S: which should you buy?

The Tesla Model 3 has few if any direct rivals, but what about a used Model S? We put a Model 3 Standard Range up against a secondhand Model S 75D

Novitec releases Tesla Model 3 upgrade kit

German tuner has previously made parts for Model S and Model X

Tesla Model S and Model X regain unlimited Supercharging

Free, unlimited access to the Tesla Supercharger network has been reinstated on new versions of the Model S and Model X

Tesla Model 3
First UK Tesla Model 3 deliveries handed over to customers

DrivingElectric visited one of Tesla’s London dealerships to meet some of the first UK customers picking up their Model 3s

Tesla Semi truck: specs, price and on-sale date

The fully electric Tesla Semi truck is due to arrive in 2020, with up to 500 miles of range

Tesla Roadster
How Tesla can get a 600-mile range from the new Roadster

Dr Michael Whiteley of UCL's Advanced Propulsion Lab explains the science behind such a big jump in battery efficiency

Tesla Model 3
$35k Tesla Model 3 Standard Range pulled from sale online

After a matter of weeks on sale, the much-lauded $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range will no longer be offered online

Tesla Sentry Mode surveillance feature and Dog Mode launched

Sentry Mode system allows Teslas to record footage from all angles, helping prevent damage and theft