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Best 4WD electric cars

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Golf GTE
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Cheapest electric cars

Electric vehicles have a reputation for being expensive, but the cheapest electric cars are more affordable than you might think

Electric car warranty and battery warranty

Worrying about the battery in your electric car? You shouldn’t, there are long warranties in place to ensure they last

The UK electric car grant explained

The UK Government’s plug-in car grant affords electric-car buyers a £3,500 discount. This is how it works...

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BMW i3
Best electric city cars

Small, nimble and built for the city, these are the best electric city cars around

How to find electric car charging points: Zap Map

This handy app and website helps you quickly find a place to charge your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, all over the UK

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Tesla Model X
Best seven-seater electric and hybrid cars

Family cars must be practical, and these days there are lots of electric and hybrid models that offer the versatility of seven seats

Aston Lagonda
Best luxury electric cars

Want zero driving emissions, but also top-class luxury? These are the best luxury electric cars