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Top 10 longest range electric cars 2022

Avoid range anxiety by choosing one of these: the longest-range electric cars you can buy in the UK right now

Mercedes EQS

One factor that can dissuade potential EV buyers is worry about running out of power before getting to their destination – commonly called 'range anxiety'. And although charging infrastructure in the UK has improved massively in recent years, it’s still not quite as easy to locate a plug as it is to find a petrol pump, and not everyone can have a wallbox charger installed at home.

A few weeks of running an electric car in the real world is usually enough to quash most people's range anxiety, as they realise they probably don't do as many long-distance journeys as they thought and that it only takes a little pre-planning to ensure you're able to top up if necessary when out and about.

Nonetheless, a big range number can boost peace of mind, and there are those who genuinely need to cover long distances in one hit on a regular basis. With that in mind, we've assembled this list of the top 10 longest-range electric cars you can buy. These are cars on sale in the UK right now – there are no concept cars or niche contraptions here. We've picked the longest-range version in each case; frequently this is also the most expensive, due to the cost of battery materials. The range figures quoted are from official WLTP testing, and while these aren’t always achievable in the real world, the standardised test does at least allow for a clear comparison between models.

In the real world, factors such as temperature, traffic, driving style and what type of roads you use can all impact the range you'll get. Bear that in mind, and give yourself some leeway with any potential journey, and you’ll be fine. If you don't need such a long range, check out the best small electric cars and don't forget to follow DrivingElectric on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Polestar 2

10. Polestar 2 – up to 336 miles

Polestar is Volvo's electrified spinoff brand; after debuting with the plug-in hybrid Polestar 1, it's focusing on pure-electric cars only going forward. First to arrive is the Polestar 2 – a coupe-SUV designed to take on Tesla in the premium electric-car market. Range was impressive from the off, with a figure of nearly 300 miles, but now there's a single-motor version that offers up to 336 miles when the 78kWh battery is fully topped up. Read our full Polestar 2 review here.


9. Volkswagen ID.3 – up to 338 miles

The long-range 'ProS Tour' version of the Volkswagen family hatchback manages an impressive range of 338 miles. Although it shares the excellent in-car technology and smooth looks of the standard ID.3, there are some compromises to be made for that eye-catching range: firstly, this version only seats four, not five; secondly, it's quite expensive, coming in at around £10,000 more than the entry-level car. Read our full Volkswagen ID.3 review here.

Model X

8. Tesla Model X – up to 360 miles

The Model X has undergone several line-up changes in its time, but in late 2020 Tesla announced significant improvements to the drivetrain in order to boost performance and range. The Long Range – as the name suggests – has the longest range of the current variants, with Tesla estimating a return of 360 miles from its 100kWh battery. Like its Model S sibling below, however, it's currently difficult to get hold of, with Tesla effectively pausing orders in favour of the cheaper Model 3 and Model Y. Read our full review here.

BMW i4 M50

7. BMW i4 – up to 365 miles

The i4 is BMW's answer to the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2, with the electric 3 Series alternative offering refinement and comfort coupled with the exceptional build quality and excellent infotainment expected from the German marque. Two versions are currently available, with the entry-level eDrive40 boasting a range of up to 365 miles thanks to an 81kWh battery. Plus, you can recharge the i4 at up to 210kW if you find a fast enough rapid-charging point. Read our full i4 review here.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

6. Ford Mustang Mach-E – up to 379 miles

Originally set to debut in the UK late in 2020, but delayed slightly until early 2021, the Mustang Mach-E puts Ford's hallowed sports-car badge on an electric SUV. Ford is supplying the car with a range of battery sizes and drivetrain options, allowing buyers to prioritise range or performance as needed. The 'Extended Range' rear-wheel-drive version is the one with the best maximum range figure of 379 miles, although all can manage a very respectable distance on a full charge. Read our full review here.

Model 3

5. Tesla Model 3 – up to 374 miles

The arrival of the Model 3 marked a big change for Tesla: partly because it spearheaded the company’s push to make EVs more affordable, but also because the firm started being less open regarding its battery sizes. Tesla says this is to avoid confusing customers who understand range better than kilowatt-hours, so we’ll just have to take company sources at their word that the Model 3 Long Range has a 70kWh battery. In any case, 374 miles of range from a charge is more than 99% of us will ever drive in a day. Read our full review here.

BMW iX UK review

4. BMW iX – up to 380 miles

BMW has been rapidly expanding its range of zero-emissions cars of late, also launching the i4 saloon above. The iX is the marque's technology flagship, and it makes an impressive statement about what we can expect from future electric BMWs. The luxury SUV is great to drive, quiet, comfortable and available with two battery sizes: 71 and 105.2kWh. The larger of the pair is standard in the more expensive xDrive50 model and offers up to 380 miles of range from a charge. Read our full iX review here.

Mercedes EQE

3. Mercedes EQE - up to 394 miles

An electric equivalent to the E-Class, the EQE is the smaller sibling of the EQS below, and in its longest-range form gets tantalisingly close to the 400-mile mark for maximum range possible on a charge. It offers most of what the EQS does in a slightly smaller and less practical package, prompting the question of whether you really need to fork out extra for the range-topping model at all. Read our full review here.

Tesla Model S

2. Tesla Model S – up to 405 miles

It has been on sale for years, but thanks to regular updates, the Model S is still one of the longest-range electric cars. In descriptively named 'Long Range' guise, it just creeps over the 400-mile mark for potential maximum range. And using a Supercharger, the Model S can do a 0-80% top-up in around 40 minutes. The caveat is that Tesla's current focus on the cheaper Model 3 and Model Y means the Model S is effectively off sale right now, with no estimated delivery time for orders placed at the moment. Read our full review here.

Mercedes EQS

1. Mercedes EQS – up to 453 miles

The EQS set a new benchmark for EV range thanks to both its 107kWh battery and its slippery shape, which reduces wind resistance. The result is a range of up to 453 miles, however you pay for the privilege, as the EQS starts from around £100,000. But it's also a fantastic means of tackling long-distance electric jaunts, with masses of interior space and an enormous all-screen dashboard featuring the latest version of the MBUX infotainment system. Read our full EQS review here and learn more about the SUV version here.

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