Porsche Charging Service coming to the UK

Digital service grants Porsche drivers access to 49,000 charging points across Europe

What if an electric car runs out?

Like running out of fuel in a normal car, electric cars can run out of battery. The good news is that the UK’s public charging infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace to deter that from happening

Complete guide to the ChargeYourCar charging network

Find out how to charge you electric car or plug-in hybrid from this network of UK charge points

VW mobile charing point
Volkswagen mobile charging station launching in 2020

Flexible charging solution to be piloted in 2019, produced from 2020

World’s first hydrogen fuel-cell charger launched

AFC Energy launches ‘CH2ARGE’ system, using hydrogen to generate electricity and charge electric cars

Wireless charging study confirmed for London and Tamworth

Near-£50,000 grant from Office for Low Emission Vehicles awarded to investigate role of wireless charging in electric vehicle fleets

The complete guide to charging an electric car

Are you considering an electric or plug-in hybrid car? Here's how and where to charge it

People's Parking
NCP launches combined electric and disabled parking bays in Manchester

Spaces for Blue Badge motorists with electric cars included in new car park in Salford

Home car chargers to be 'smart' by July 2019

Only smart chargers to be eligible for government grant from next July

BMW Porsche charging
Experimental ultra-rapid charging promises full charge in 15 minutes

Prototype 450kW charging station demonstrated by German consortium including Porsche and BMW

150kW super-rapid chargers to be rolled out on BP forecourts

A new BP Chargemaster network of 150kW rapid chargers will offer faster charging than Tesla Superchargers

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

Running costs are one of the key reasons why motorists are going electric. We show how much an electric car can cost to run.

Marston's pubs partner with Engenie to install rapid chargers

19 sites live by early 2019; total network of 400 chargers planned

Volkswagen and Tesco to build UK’s largest retail charging network

2,400 Pod Point chargers coming to Tesco stores by 2020; free fast charging for customers

British Gas launches electric car charging tariff

Cheaper off-peak electricity for overnight charging

Can solar panels charge an electric car?

Charging your electric car with solar panels is a great way to save money. Read on to find out how

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

We reveal the facts about charging your electric car

Driveway charging
Zap-Map and YourParkingSpace partner for home parking and charging-point rentals

Homeowners will be able to rent out their driveways and charging points

Lamp post electric car chargers appear in London for the first time

First of 50 public lamp post chargers go live in the capital, providing open-access charging to residents in Southwark

Electric van charging guide

The idea of charging an electric van is a big change for new and potential electric vehicle owners, but it’s a lot easier than you might think