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Morrisons and GeniePoint
ChargePoint Services acquired by French energy company Engie

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CHAdeMO is a rapid-charging DC standard, allowing fast charging of the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius Plug-in, and many other models

Morrisons and GeniePoint
Morrisons announces charging-point deal with GeniePoint

100 rapid charging points to be installed at Morrisons supermarkets nationwide

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VW mobile charing point
Volkswagen mobile charging station launching in 2020

Flexible charging solution to be piloted in 2019, produced from 2020

World’s first hydrogen fuel-cell charger launched

AFC Energy launches ‘CH2ARGE’ system, using hydrogen to generate electricity and charge electric cars

Wireless charging study confirmed for London and Tamworth

Near-£50,000 grant from Office for Low Emission Vehicles awarded to investigate role of wireless charging in electric vehicle fleets