Own Electric

DrivingElectric’s Own Electric advice is brought to you in partnership with Volkswagen. Electric mobility is at the heart of Volkswagen’s future, and with more than 30 electric models planned by 2025, it really is leading the charge. In 2019 it will launch its ID. brand which will focus on models designed from the ground up to deliver the range, charging time and style electric car buyers demand.


Golf Stream: meeting a serial Golf owner

The e-Golf is truly a Volkswagen for the 21st Century – so what does a serial Golf owner think of the electric revolution?

Britain’s best electric driving roads

The Volkswagen e-Golf is ready for adventure, and here the purity of its electric power comes together with the brilliance of the UK’s best driving roads

Driving range: how far can an e-Golf really go?

Volkswagen’s e-Golf isn’t just for city slicking. And to prove it, we take an epic road trip from one end of the country to the other, all on electric power

Electric cars: your questions answered

Could you live with an electric car? We asked some members of the public what they thought of them – and some of the answers will surprise you

Electric car battery life explained

Everything you need to know about your electric car's battery life

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

Running costs are one of the key reasons why motorists are going electric. We show how much an electric car can cost to run.

Why company car drivers are going electric

Switched-on company car drivers are seeing the benefits of running the Volkswagen e-Golf over the mainstream alternatives

Do electric cars have gearboxes?

Do electric cars have gears? Do they drive like automatics? We reveal all.

How to find electric car charging points: Zap Map

Here's how to easily find somewhere to top up your plug-in hybrid or electric car

Are electric cars expensive to insure?

How much does it cost to insure an electric car? Find out here

What is a wallbox charger?

What is a wallbox charger? What does it do? Do you really need one? We reveal all.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

We reveal the facts about charging your electric car

How much is the company-car tax on an electric car?

Electric cars are tax-exempt when bought privately, but if you get one for private use from your employer, you have to pay the company-car tax on it

How much does an electric car cost to run?

A key selling point for electric vehicles is that they're cheaper to run than conventional cars. Here, we show you why

The UK electric car grant explained

The UK Government’s plug-in car grant has recently been updated – we explain the changes and how it works

What is fast charging? What is rapid charging?

Fast charging and rapid charging are two phrases often associated with electric cars, but what's the difference? We explain...

What is CHAdeMO charging?

CHAdeMO is a rapid-charging DC standard, allowing fast-charging on the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius Plug-in, and many other models

What is a mild hybrid?

You've no doubt heard of hybrid cars, but what exactly is 'mild hybrid' technology? Allow us to explain...

What is an electric car?

Not quite sure what an electric car is, or how it differs from a petrol or diesel vehicle? We make things clear

What is a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV?

Plug-in hybrids are an ideal compromise if you're unsure if a fully-electric car is for you. We explain all.