Volvo S60 T8 Twin Engine hybrid review

Excellent company-car running costs count in the Volvo S60 T8's favour, but it's not as sporty to drive as its looks and image suggest

£49,805 - £56,105
Plug-in hybrid


  • Striking, sporty looks
  • Excellent running costs
  • Superb interior fit and finish


  • Only in expensive trim levels
  • Inefficient when battery runs out
  • Not as fun to drive as you'd think
Car type Electric range Fuel economy CO2 emissions
Plug-in hybrid 27-36 miles 105-177mpg 39-48g/km

The Volvo S60 saloon is the latest model in the brand's line-up to get the T8 Twin Engine treatment. It joins its V60 estate counterpart, as well as the S90 saloon and V90 estate, and XC60 and XC90 SUVs, in the Volvo plug-in hybrid range. The upcoming XC40 T5 will complete the offering in 2020, with a slightly less powerful drivetrain.

Power is the name of the game for the S60 T8, however – it pumps out 381bhp in standard spec and nearly 400bhp in even faster 'Polestar Engineered' form. Keen drivers will be disappointed to find out it's not really a pure-bred sports saloon, though: while very fast in a straight line, it can't match the likes of a BMW 330e for handling finesse on a twisty backroad.

That's probably not going to be a priority for many S60 T8 buyers, however. With its ultra-low CO2 emissions of 39g/km (on 19-inch wheels) and generally affordable running costs all round, this is a car designed to appeal to company-car users above all.

And they'll find lots to like here, with serene motorway cruising ability allied to one of the best interiors in the business – even if that effort to be sporty means ride quality isn't as good as it could be. Overall, the Volvo makes for an interesting alternative to a BMW 330e or Mercedes C-Class hybrid. For private buyers, the high list price – a consequence of the T8 drivetrain only being offered in higher R-Design Pro and Polestar Engineered trim levels – could be a barrier, however.

The S60 T8 is a pretty practical family car, although for ultimate carrying capacity, the V60 T8, or even the larger V90 T8, are the obvious choices. Passenger room is generous in the S60, with tall adult able to sit in the back behind a tall driver without complaint. Boot space is also reasonably competitive with rivals.

To achieve those headline 100mpg+ fuel-economy figures, you'll need to make full use of the S60 T8's circa-30-mile electric range on a regular basis, ideally topping up the battery every evening at home. But if this car fits in with the type of journeys you typically do – and if it's available on your company-car list – it could make a very cost-effective choice indeed.

For more on the Volvo S60 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid, check out our experience of running one for several months or read on for the rest of our in-depth review.