Top 10 best electric cars to own 2023

We've ranked the best electric cars to own in 2023... as chosen by YOU!

Many of us are having to rethink how we buy and run a car. The switch to electric vehicles is the biggest step-change the automotive industry has seen in decades, with compelling new brands from Europe and China vying for space alongside legacy car makers who’ve been building cars for over a century.

Many are fast and fun to drive, and plenty are very practical. But which are the most satisfying to own? Our annual Driver Power survey has the answers…

Hyundai Kona Electric

1. Hyundai Kona Electric

For the second year in a row, Hyundai’s small electric SUV takes the top slot as the best electric car to own. It’s clear that owners find the Kona Electric a comfortable car to drive, ranking it first for ride and handling – Hyundai’s Bluelink infotainment system also topped the charts for the in-car tech category, too, with buyers praising the Kona’s mixture of physical buttons and touchscreen controls. Partner this with podium finishes for safety features, reliability and running costs, and it’s no wonder the first-generation Kona is our reigning champion. We’ll be interested to see whether the winning streak continues when the new Hyundai Kona arrives later in 2023.

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Kia EV6

2. Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is one of our favourite electric cars, and it seems like this sentiment is shared with the rest of the British public. Owners ranked the Kia’s space-age cabin top of the class, while the EV6 also picked up a category win for practicality, with rear legroom being a particular highlight. A design straight out of a science fiction novel meant the Kia EV6 ranked second for its exterior, and it was only just pipped by the Kona Electric in terms of ride quality and handling. A top-10 finisher across the board, it seems you can’t go wrong with the EV6.

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BMW i3

3. BMW i3

BMW no longer makes the i3, but it still has a strong showing here, scooping the final spot on the podium. Owners claim the i3 is the most reliable electric car you can buy, with BMW’s iDrive coming in second place in the infotainment category; owners particularly noted the user-friendliness of the controls and the functionality of the sat-nav. There were mixed reviews when it came to the powertrain category, though; i3 drivers found the BMW to have a punchy powertrain, but didn’t find it the smoothest out there.

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4. Kia Soul EV

The Kia Soul is another model from the South Korean brand to make its way onto our list of the best EVs to own. The Soul’s boxy design allowed it to rank first for interior visibility, while you may be surprised to hear that this ‘fridge on wheels’ also ranked third for driver enjoyment and second for steering responsiveness. Value for money was also a big thing on Kia Soul owners’ minds, and the funky family car only just missed out on a podium place in this category.

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5. Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 is, as its name suggests, the second car to come out of Volvo’s new EV-specific partner brand. Despite being a relatively unknown name, the Polestar 2 managed to round off our top five with a first-place finish in the exterior design category. Owners also lauded the Swedish EV’s powertrain, once again ranking it in the top spot. While the Polestar 2 also picked up a win in the running costs category and came a close second in terms of active safety features, buyers were slightly less impressed by the car’s overall reliability and the lack of space in the rear seats.

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Tesla Model 3

6. Tesla Model 3

Tesla owners tend to be quite happy with their cars, and the Model 3 saloon doesn’t appear to buck this trend. The smaller sibling to the big-selling Tesla Model Y SUV, the Model 3 came third in three categories: safety features, infotainment and value for money – the latter no doubt helped by Tesla’s recent huge price cuts. A flat floor as well as a large boot and storage under the bonnet helped the Model 3 secure a second-place finish in the practicality section, however a frequent complaint of owners was the overall finish and quality of the exterior trim, as well as the car’s reliability overall.

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Jaguar I-Pace

7. Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace was one of the first luxury EVs to come to market, but it’s still impressing owners to this day. As you’d expect from a Jag, the I-Pace ranks highly for its powertrain – owners placed it first overall in terms of the acceleration it offers – plus its well-finished interior was also a big highlight. By far the most expensive car on this list, it’s no wonder the I-Pace was marked down in terms of value-for-money and running costs, but owners seem to feel the Jaguar’s big boot and sleek styling make up for this.

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Nissan Leaf

8. MG5 EV

Often cited as the first mass-market electric car, the Nissan Leaf is now in its second generation and owners have particularly praised it for its reliability, as well as the amount of boot space on offer – especially how most rivals at this price point are much smaller superminis. Low running costs were something else owners loved about the Nissan Leaf, although the electric hatchback’s interior was criticised for its no-nonsense design and lack of plush materials.

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Kia e-Niro

9. Kia e-Niro

You may be surprised to see the Kia e-Niro here instead of the newer Niro EV; while that car still did well with a 14th-place ranking, the older e-Niro seems to have left a more positive impression with owners. The compact electric SUV managed several top-10 finishes, including in the ride and handling section, where owners praised the e-Niro’s smooth regenerative braking system. The e-Niro’s relatively subtle exterior styling didn’t wow our respondents, though – something the newer Niro EV improves upon.

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Peugeot e-208

10. Peugeot e-208

A sister car to the best-selling Vauxhall Corsa Electric, the Peugeot e-208 rounds off our top-10 list with a second-place finish in the powertrain category. Owners found the e-208 offered plenty of power for such a small car, while also feeling it offered smooth and punchy acceleration. The e-208 didn’t score quite as well in the practicality section – not surprising for such a small car – but owners found the car was generally reliable and cheap to run.

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