Peugeot 208 electric: specs, price and on-sale date

A new Peugeot 208 should arrive in 2019 and we already know that the range will include an all-electric version for the first time

Peugeot grille

It could be as soon as the 2019 Geneva Show that we see the new Peugeot 208 for the first time – and we know there'll be an electric version in the range. 

So far, we have learnt precious little about the new car, but we do know that it’ll be built on a new platform, shared with the next-generation Vauxhall Corsa and DS 3 Crossback.

Peugeot 208 electric styling

We'll probably have to wait until the Geneva Motor Show in 2019 to see the finished article for the first time, but we’ve got a good idea of what to expect from various spy shots. 

For a start, it’s expected that the car will be available only as a five-door hatchback, while we can spot ‘lion’s claw’ elements in both the front and rear lights. The grille seems more upright than in the previous 208, following the style of the 308 hatchback and 3008 SUV.

From the side, it’s also clear that the car’s roofline drops down towards the rear, giving it a slightly sporty feel. 

Inside, meanwhile, we expect to see the latest version of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit arrangement. It came in for a lot of criticism when it was first launched, but the company has gradually refined the concept and it’s now more favourably received.


If we know little about the car’s interior, we know even less about what will be powering it. Beyond confirming that the new 208 will be available as an electric car, Peugeot has been pretty tight-lipped about what to expect in the zero-emission version of the new 208. 

So we don’t know for sure how much power or what range to expect. However, given the state of the market at the moment, we’d expect a range of at least 200 miles and for the car to be compatible with fast chargers.

Perhaps the most intriguing news is that we understand there'll be an electric version of the 208 GTi hot hatch to sit alongside the petrol-engined model.