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SEAT Mii electric interior & comfort

It's not the biggest, but the Mii electric is a comfortable city car all the same

SEAT Mii electric

Those familiar with the original Mii, or indeed its Skoda and Volkswagen counterparts, will find little to write home about in the car's fairly spartan interior. Though well packaged, the interior space in the Mii hasn’t really changed from its petrol-powered days; as found when we lived with the car for a longer period of time. During our time with the SEAT Mii electric, we found it had plenty of room in front for two adults, but those in the back didn't find it as spacious. See more in our living with review here. 

Despite SEAT's efforts to spruce things up, the Mii electric doesn't feel as modern inside as the MINI Electric. Build quality is solid and everything is logically laid out.

SEAT Mii electric dashboard

The interior design features body-coloured panels in the doors and a patterned surface across the dashboard to prevent everything looking too drab. The switchgear feels well laid-out, and – crucially – built to last, but things do feel a little dated if you look beyond the loud patterns.

There's a certain charm to this approach, though: the Mii feels just the right amount of simple and utilitarian without being sparse. The lack of a central touchscreen – such a major feature in so many cars these days – is deliberate and keeps costs down, with owners instead expected to use their phone (running SEAT's dedicated app if you like).

Equipment, options & accessories

The Mii electric is simple from a specification standpoint, too: there's just one trim level with a good level of kit. All cars get 16-inch alloys, heated front seats, cruise control, smartphone integration, DAB radio and rear parking sensors, plus lane-keeping assistance and traffic-sign recognition systems.

LED daytime running lights, rain-sensing wipers and heated and power-adjustable door mirrors are also included as standard, plus a heated windscreen.


Infotainment, apps & sat nav

One minor gripe is that the five-inch colour infotainment screen doesn’t feature sat nav, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto: instead, SEAT has installed a smartphone holster that lets you use the navigation apps of your choice when needed.

A SEAT smartphone app allows you to heat or cool the car remotely; a useful feature if you need to warm it up on a cold morning. This same app gives you control of charging when the Mii is plugged in, so you can see how full the battery is at the tap of a button.

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