Skoda Superb iV vs Peugeot 508 Hybrid: verdict and specifications

These cars are closely matched in most areas, but the Skoda offers the best all-round package

Skoda Superb vs Peugeot 508

With little to separate them when it comes to efficiency, this battle is fought over other considerations. The Skoda is the more practical proposition, but is also more expensive to buy than the Peugeot; the difference is less stark for company-car drivers, however, who form the more realistic market for these cars. 

The Peugeot is the more comfortable of the two, but you'll have more fun driving the Skoda, which can still be considered a comfortable car by most people's standards. Standard equipment is generous in each case, there's plenty of safety kit and reliability should be more or less the same, perhaps tipped slightly in Peugeot's favour according to customer surveys.

1st: Skoda Superb iV – 4.5 stars

The Superb edges to victory here thanks to its more rounded driving experience and more practical boot and interior. Quality is slightly better than in the Peugeot, too, but the pair are pretty evenly matched everywhere else. The Skoda should be cheaper to insure than the Peugeot, however.

2nd: Peugeot 508 Hybrid – 4 stars

We love the way the 508 looks inside and out, and thankfully this style is backed up by plenty of substance. Its hybrid system feels well engineered and its chassis is tuned to offer more comfort than you get in the Skoda, albeit at the expense of some control and agility. That sloping roof impacts on practicality a little however, and while it's cheaper to buy, the 508's residuals aren't quite as strong.


CarSkoda Superb iV 1.4 TSI SE LPeugeot 508 Hybrid 225 e-EAT8 Allure
List price£36,035£34,890
Monthly finance (PCP / business lease)£532 / £390£750 / £460
Engine1.4-litre petrol + electric motor1.6-litre petrol + electric motor
TransmissionSix-speed auto, front-wheel driveEight-speed auto, front-wheel drive
Battery capacity13kWh11.8kWh
Power / torque215bhp / 400Nm222bhp / 250Nm
0-62mph7.7 seconds8.3 seconds
Top speed138mph155mph
100% charge cost at 14p/kWh£1.87£1.70
Charge time (wallbox)3hrs 30mins1hr 45mins
Official MPG / CO2 emissions148.7-217.3mpg / 30g/km166.2-235.4mpg / 29g/km
On-test MPG (full battery + full tank)44.5mpg45.8mpg
Road tax / BiK rate £140 / 10%£140 / 10%
Length / width / height / wheelbase4,869 / 1,864 / 1,468 / 2,841mm4,750 / 1,859 / 1,403 / 2,793mm
Boot capacity (seats up)485 / 1,610 litres487 / 1,537 litres

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