Kia Niro running costs

A Toyota Prius may be a little more economical, but the Niro hybrid still impresses

Insurance group Warranty Service intervals 2019/20 company car cost (20%/40%)
12-14 7 years / 100,000 miles 12 months / 10,000 miles From £1,075 / £2,150

You don’t get any money off through the plug-in car grant, but the Niro hybrid still looks great value thanks to its high specification – whatever trim level you choose. The Benefit-in-Kind rate is 22% in base 2 trim, and 23% for higher-spec cars. The hybrid Niro isn't clean enough to earn London Congestion Charge exemption, so if you commute into the capital regularly, then you might want to consider the plug-in hybrid or full electric alternatives. 

Kia Niro insurance group

The Kia Niro falls into insurance groups 11 to 13 depending on what trim you choose, so they'll be affordable to insure and very comparable with other family hatchback likes the Volkswagen Golf, and alternative hybrids like the Toyota Prius or Corolla.


The seven-year/100,000-mile warranty handed out by Kia covers the whole car, including its hybrid powertrain. You won’t find better cover on any rival.


The Kia Niro has 10,000-mile service intervals, or requires annual servicing if you don’t drive that far. Costs will be reasonable, with Kia offering a three-year all-inclusive deal at around £450.

Road tax

As none of the Kia Niro range crosses the £40,000 threshold, road tax is just £135 per year.


Experts reckon a Kia Niro hybrid will be worth between 45 and 49% of its new price at three years/36,000 miles – higher-spec versions losing the most in both percentage and real terms. It’s a decent performance, though, and compares well to rivals.