Kia Niro MPG & CO2 emissions

The Kia Niro is more frugal than most diesel SUVs, but it's a long way off the standards set by plug-in hybrids

MPG (combined) MPG (high) MPG (low) CO2 emissions
53-59mpg 63-67mpg 59-65mpg 110-120g/km

The Kia Niro isn't quite as impressive as the super-frugal Toyota Prius or Toyota Corolla, and the Hyundai Kona Hybrid is also better for emissions. But, thanks to its hybrid drivetrain, the Niro is still a cleaner and more efficient option than many diesel SUVs available today.

Kia Niro MPG

Efficiency – as expressed in official figures at least – is dependent on alloy-wheel size, with the 2 claiming 59mpg and the 3 and 4 models managing 54 and 53mpg respectively. The good news is that our colleagues at Auto Express managed to get around 60mpg out of a pre-facelift Niro hybrid (which used the same powertrain), so it's likely that you'll manage to match or even better the official figures in real-world use.

Although the Niro has an electric-only driving mode that works up to speeds of 70mph, the small batteries mean you can only cover a maximum of three miles like this, even if driving very gently. So, unlike owners of the plug-in Niro, you don’t have the prospect of petrol-free, zero-emissions daily commuting.

CO2 emissions

The Niro's CO2 levels are quite dependent on wheel size, too, and while at 110 to 120g/km they don't attract excessively high company-car and road tax, they're not as good as those of plug-in hybrid rivals.