Kia Niro MPG & CO2 emissions

The Kia Niro is more frugal than a diesel SUV, and cleaner, too

The Kia Niro isn't quite as impressive as the super-frugal Toyota Prius, but thanks to its hybrid drivetrain, it’s still a cleaner and more efficient option than many of the diesel SUVs that are so popular today.

Kia Niro MPG

Efficiency – as expressed in official figures at least – is very dependent on alloy-wheel size. Niros running 16-inch wheels will return an average of 76.3mpg, while those on 18-inch wheels only manage 65.7mpg, which is a sizeable difference. Even the best figure lags well behind the Toyota Prius’ best claim of up to 83mpg. Although the Niro has an electric-only driving mode that works up to speeds of 70mph, the small batteries mean you can only cover a maximum of three miles even if driving very gently. So, unlike the plug-in, you don’t have the prospect of petrol-free daily commuting.

CO2 emissions

CO2 levels are quite dependent on wheel size, too, with the smaller-wheeled Niro emitting 86g/km, and the larger-wheeled versions emitting 100g/km. Again, the Toyota Prius puts in a stronger performance, with the most efficient variant emitting only 78g/km, rising to 82g/km on the largest available wheels.

Battery warranty

The Kia Niro battery pack is covered by the standard seven-year/100,000-mile warranty the manufacturer offers across the board. It’s such a good deal that there’s no need for a separate battery guarantee.