Citroen Berlingo Electric van range, battery & charging

The Citroen Berlingo Electric is fast to charge, but that’s because it has a small battery

The Citroen Berlingo Electric's running gear is rather outdated. It features a pair of battery packs mounted in a subframe either side of the rear axle, with a combined battery capacity of 22.5kWh. This battery drives a 49kW electric motor originally developed by French firm Venturi (which competes in the Formula E electric racing series) and gives the Berlingo Electric a claimed range of 106 miles. Unfortunately, that’s behind its main rival, the Renault Kangoo ZE, which can travel up to 70 miles further before needing to be recharged.

Citroen Berlingo Electric range

Citroen quotes a range of 106 miles for the Berlingo Electric. This figure was achieved under a now-discontinued testing procedure, and means that you’re more likely to manage around 70 miles in real-world driving. Because so few Berlingo Electrics have been sold, we can’t confirm that’s the case, but it’s worth noting that the far larger Renault Master ZE can easily achieve 70 miles on a single charge while carrying twice as much cargo and almost double the payload.

Charge time

There are two charging options available for the Berlingo Electric. First is a standard mains charger, taking power from a 240v source. Using this method delivers a home-charging time from flat of 12 hours from a three-pin plug, or eight hours from a standalone charging point. That means plugging in overnight should see you with a full charge in the morning.

The second option is a CHAdeMO socket, as also seen on the Nissan e-NV200 van and Nissan Leaf hatchback. This is located on the nearside rear bodywork and allows high-voltage charging from a 400v source. It can recharge the flat battery to 80% capacity in around 35 minutes, conditions permitting.

Battery warranty

As well as the standard three-year Citroen van warranty, the Berlingo Electric’s battery is covered for eight years/60,000 miles. That’s in line with rivals that also offer eight years of cover for their batteries.