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Best electric-car deals UK 2022

Looking to buy a new electric car using Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance? Here are the deals on offer from electric-car manufacturers right now

Ioniq 5

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance has rapidly become the most popular way for UK motorists to get behind the wheel of a new car. You can read our full guide to how it works here, but in a nutshell, you’re paying for the depreciation in a car’s value during the time you use it – usually three, four or five years.

This takes the form of an up-front deposit (typically a few thousand pounds, which can be covered partly or fully by any car you have to trade in) and monthly payments for the duration of the agreement. When your term is up, you can either hand the car back and start a fresh deal , or make a balloon payment to cover its remaining value and take full ownership.

The advantage of PCP is that the stronger a car’s residual value, the more affordable it becomes on a monthly basis, so it can make upmarket and premium models more attainable than you might have thought. That goes for electric cars, too. Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of current deals brands in the UK are offering on their zero-emissions models.

As manufacturers’ finance deals change all the time, it’s best to consider these as representative examples to give you an idea of what you’ll pay for a certain make and model. Dealers can always tweak these offers to suit you, if you want to pay a smaller or larger deposit, or have a lower or higher annual mileage limit. All deals were valid at the time of writing but are subject to change, and all figures have been rounded up to the nearest pound.

BMW i4

BMW electric-car deals

BMW was an early player in the electric-car game with its quirky i3 city car, but these days its range has expanded to a wide variety of models. The iX3 is the fully electric equivalent to the popular X3 family SUV, offering loads of interior space but retaining the driving appeal BMWs are famous for.

Bought outright for cash, the M Sport version will set you back £62,865, but on BMW’s PCP finance you can drive one for £799 a month over four years, limited to 10,000 miles per year. The deal asks for a deposit of £6,375 and the optional final payment amounts to £28,845.

If you’d rather something sportier than a large SUV, BMW also offers the highly praised i4 (pictured above) – a four-door coupe that serves as a zero-emissions equivalent to the 3 Series. The eDrive 40 M Sport model is available for £819 a month over four years, after a modest initial deposit of £4,666. Mileage is restricted to 10,000 a year and the optional final payment to take ownership of the car is £22,499; the cash price of the car is £55,675.

Cupra Born

Cupra electric-car deals

Recently arrived Spanish brand Cupra produces its own spin on the Volkswagen ID.3 electric hatchback, called the Born. Arguably more attractive than its German cousin both inside and out, the Born is available in V1 specification with a 58kWh battery for £321 a month over four years. A deposit of £7,905 is required to secure this deal, which is based on a total cash price of £34,715. There’s a 10,000-mile annual limit and an optional final payment of £16,898 should you wish to purchase the car outright at the end of the term.

DS 3 Crossback

DS electric-car deals

Originally a sub-brand of Citroen, DS has its own identity these days as a builder of luxurious, but also efficient and city-friendly cars. The DS 3 Crossback compact SUV is a perfect example, and is available in fully electric E-TENSE guise as well as with more traditional petrol engines. In the well-specced Performance Line trim level, it’s available for £449 a month over four years, after an initial deposit of £4,716. The optional final payment is £14,528, mileage is limited to 10,000 a year and the deal is based on a cash price of £34,360.

Fiat 500

Fiat electric-car deals

Simultaneously one of the best and most affordable small EVs you can buy, the latest Fiat 500 is a multiple DrivingElectric Awards winner and a near-perfect choice for stylish urban motoring. In Icon spec with a 42kWh battery (the larger of the two on offer), the cash price is £28,835.

The government will cover £1,500 of that with its plug-in car grant, and you can then pay £299 a month on a three-year, 6,000-miles-a-year deal, after a reasonable initial deposit of £4,995. If you want to own the car once the term is up, there’s a final payment of £14,420 to be made.

Honda e

Honda electric-car deals

Honda’s e is another retro-influenced electric city car, like the Fiat 500 above, although it’s not as affordable as its Italian rival, with the range-topping Advance trim level wearing a £36,920 cash price tag. Converted to a PCP deal, that works out at an initial deposit of £7,463 followed by three years of £459 monthly payments, with an 8,000-mile annual limit. The optional final payment to buy the car outright comes to £15,876.

Ioniq 5

Hyundai electric-car deals

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has really moved the electric-car game on in terms of both charging speeds, in-car technology and design. It’s more affordable than you might think, too, especially in entry-level SE Connect trim with the smaller of the two available batteries. The deposit is on the hefty side, at £11,900, but after that payments are a reasonable £382 a month over two years, with an annual mileage limit of 8,000. If you want to buy the car at the end of that term, it’s another £21,407. The cash price is £39,400.

Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar electric-car deals

Jaguar really took the fight to Tesla when it debuted the I-Pace back in 2018, proving electric cars could be fun to drive and incorporate a dash of traditional luxury alongside all the cutting-edge technology. It remains a strong if pricey contender today, with a cash price of £70,220 for the EV400 SE model. Spread over four years and with a deposit of £10,954, it’s available for £649 a month, with a mileage limit of 10,000 a year and an optional final payment of £28,382.

Kia EV6

Kia electric-car deals

A sporty and more aggressive-looking cousin of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 above, the Kia EV6 is another highly impressive electric car to come out of South Korea. Kia is currently offering a zero-deposit deal on the car in rear-wheel-drive GT-Line S form, which means a pretty high monthly payment of £917 over three years, with a 10,000-miles-a-year limit. A free subscription to the Ionity rapid-charging network is thrown in, and should you wish to own the £49,195 car outright at the conclusion of the deal, the optional final payment is £23,780.

Lexus UX 300e

Lexus electric-car deals

After years of being very much a hybrid brand, Lexus has finally launched its first electric car – the UX 300e. With the popular Premium Plus Pack, it retails for £47,465, but Lexus’ PCP deal asks for £529 monthly payments over four years, following an initial deposit of £7,022. Mileage is limited to 8,000 a year and the optional final payment to buy the car comes to £20,362.

Mazda MX-30

Mazda electric-car deals

Mazda recently updated its MX-30 urban electric car and the new-for-2022 ‘Prime-Line’ trim level qualifies for the government’s plug-in car grant, so you get a £1,500 discount off the £30,600 sticker price right off the bat. On a PCP deal, you’ll pay a deposit of £4,459, then three years of £359 monthly instalments and finally a £14,067 settlement figure if you want to own the car at the end of the term. There’s a 9,000-mile annual limit on this deal.

MG 5

MG electric-car deals

MG is one of our favourite electric-car brands thanks to its combination of low prices, decent ranges and a long warranty. The 5 SW EV electric estate in Excite trim represents superb value for money, with its £29,695 price dropping by £1,500 straight away thanks to the government plug-in car grant. MG offers a PCP deal with £299 monthly payments over four years, a £4,967 initial deposit, an 8,000-a-year mileage limit and an optional final payment of £11,623.

Nissan Ariya

Nissan electric-car deals

The Nissan Ariya is one of the most anticipated electric-car launches of 2022, bringing Nissan’s EV offering right up to date as the long-serving Leaf hatchback approaches the end of its time on sale. In Advance trim with the 63kWh battery and Sky Pack, the Ariya lists at £44,140. Nissan’s three-year PCP deal on the car calls for a £5,808 deposit, £559 monthly payments and a final figure of £24,236; there’s a 10,000-miles-a-year limit.

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot electric-car deals

The Peugeot e-208 is a perennial favourite in the small electric-car class and its 200-plus-miles range means it’s a feasible choice for those who occasionally do long journeys as well. A £32,040 cash price broken down over a PCP deal sees you pay £7,727 up front and then £299 a month for four years. If you want to buy the car at the end of the deal, the optional final payment comes to £12,969; the mileage limit here is 6,000 a year.

Skoda Enyaq iV

Skoda electric-car deals

Skoda’s Enyaq iV electric family SUV has been heaped with praise and awards since it launched, making it a popular choice. You can drive one in Loft spec with the larger 80kWh battery on a four-year PCP deal that asks for £429 a month after an initial deposit of £8,719. Mileage allowance is a generous 10,000 a year and the optional payment to purchase at the conclusion of the term is £18,684.

Toyota bZ4X

Toyota electric-car deals

Toyota has taken its time preparing its entry into the world of electric cars, but the bZ4X is finally here. In the Motion trim level, it’s priced at £45,750 on paper, but you can be driving one for a £3,654 deposit followed by £650 monthly payments for three years, with an optional final settlement amount of £24,120. The mileage limit is 8,000 a year in this instance.

Vauxhall Mokka-e front tracking

Vauxhall electric-car deals

The current Vauxhall Mokka ushered in a styling revolution at the British brand; its distinctive front end has gone on to appear on the latest Astra hatchback and updated Grandland SUV. Neither of those are yet available in fully electric form, though, so if you want zero emissions the Mokka-e is the way to go.

Monthly payments of £349 over four years will get you into the well equipped Ultimate range-topping trim, having put down an initial deposit of £4,488 and agreed to a mileage limit of 8,000 a year. Cash price here is £31,195 and the optional final payment comes to £16,077.


Volkswagen electric-car deals

Volkswagen’s first electric SUV, the ID.4 aims to combine style with practicality and efficiency to create a perfect family motoring package. VW is offering it in Life trim with a large 77kWh battery for £449 a month on a four-year PCP deal that asks for an £8,846 up-front deposit, based on a cash price of £43,500. To own the car at the end of term, you’ll pay £20,045 and the annual mileage limit to keep an eye on is 10,000.

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