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Audi A8 hybrid reliability & safety rating

The Audi A8 TFSI e is still too new for us to assess its long-term reliability, but it should be very safe

Overall rating

4.0 out of 5

Reliability & safety rating rating

4.0 out of 5

£84,775 - £113,475
Fuel Type:
Hybrid Petrol

The Audi A8 has yet to be crash-tested by Euro NCAP, so there’s no score with which to compare it against its rivals. However, it’s easy to extrapolate from the test results of other large Audis like the Q8, A7 and A6 and safely assume that the A8 will easily follow suit with the equivalent of five-star safety. Similarly, without much long-term data on how Audi’s latest TFSI e hybrid powertrain and all that on-board technology fares over thousands of miles, we can only speculate for now as to the reliability of Audi’s flagship.

Audi A8 hybrid reliability & problems

The plug-in hybrid Audi A8 is too new for us to draw any meaningful conclusions about long-term reliability, but Driver Power survey results go some way towards predicting what to expect from Audi ownership. In the 2021 edition, Audi finished 23rd out of 29 on the list of best car manufacturers, behind rivals BMW and Mercedes, who finished 21st and 13th respectively. More than 15% of Audi owners who responded reported a fault with their car.


No Euro NCAP crash-test as yet means there’s no official rating for the A8, but we can assume it's is a very safe car to travel in. As Audi’s flagship model, it gets all the very best on-board safety and driver-assistance technology you could wish for, including adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, 360-degree parking sensors, traffic-sign recognition and automatic emergency braking as standard.

As per the Audi norm, this list can be bolstered by selecting the right option packs – the Comfort and Sound pack adds a 360-degree parking camera, along with some interior goodies, while the City Assistance pack adds cross-traffic alerts at the front along with Audi Side Assist (blind-spot monitoring) and Audi Pre-Sense Rear, which pre-empts a rear impact by closing any open windows and tightening seatbelts. The A8 has a front-facing version of this system as standard.

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