Skoda Superb Estate iV vs Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate: verdict and specs

These two car are predictably closely matched and predictably excellent, but the Skoda wins on account of offering better value for money

Skoda Superb vs VW Passat

There are aspects of the Passat that could sway you towards it, despite costs being in the Skoda’s favour: namely the better interior feel and aesthetic, and more generous safety equipment. For all that, the Superb is usefully cheaper to buy and even comes with the matrix LED lights and adaptive dampers that cost extra on the Passat. It’s not just a no-brainer to take the win over the Passat, it’s also our favourite large plug-in hybrid car and one of the best family cars out there, plug-in or otherwise.

1st: Skoda Superb iV SE L Estate – 4.5 stars

The Skoda Superb Estate is hard to fault as a family wagon, whether you fancy it in plug-in hybrid form or not. But the plug-in hybrid iV really is the best of all worlds. A huge, functional estate body, lashings of standard equipment, great electric running capability and a surprisingly efficient petrol engine thereafter, not to mention the cheap company-car tax and general running costs. We love it, and we’re absolutely sure that you will, too.

2nd: VW Passat Estate GTE Estate – 4 stars

The Passat is a truly great car. It blends a classy finish with great practicality and efficiency, and – while a bit pricey compared to the Superb – is good value compared to plenty of alternatives, including the Volvo V60 and more. The standard safety equipment is great, the interior is particularly lovely and it promises to be a relaxing, surprisingly rapid yet cheap-to-run family car. Just not as cheap as the equally excellent Superb, is all.


Car Skoda Superb iV Estate SE L Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate
List price £37,370 £38,310
Monthly finance (PCP / business lease) £473* / £349** £521* / £404**
Engine 1.4-litre petrol + electric motor 1.4-litre petrol + electric motor
Transmission Six-speed auto, front-drive Six-speed auto, front-drive
Battery capacity 13kWh 13kWh
Power / torque 215bhp / 400Nm 215bhp / 400Nm
0-62mph 7.8 seconds 7.6 seconds
Top speed 138mph 138mph
Braking 70-0 / 60-0 / 30-0mph 50.5 / 35.4 / 10.1 metres 47.4 / 35.5 / 8.8 metres
100% charge cost at 14p/kWh £1.82 £1.82
Charge time (wallbox / socket) 3hrs 30mins / 5hrs 45mins 3hrs 30mins / 5hrs 45mins
Official MPG / CO2 / electric range 188mpg / 37g/km / 34 miles 176mpg / 36g/km / 34 miles
On-test MPG / electric range 42mpg / 28 miles 38mpg / 26 miles
Road tax / BiK rate  £140 / 10% £465 / 10%
Length / width / height / wheelbase 4,856 / 2,080 / 1,477 / 2,841mm 4,888 / 2,083 / 1,527 / 2,841mm
Boot capacity (seats up / down) 510 / 1,800 litres 483 / 1,613 litres

* PCP estimate, based on £5,000 deposit, 36-month contract and 10,000-mile annual allowance

** Business contract hire estimate, based on six-month up-front payment, 36-month contract and 10,000-mile annual allowance