Tesla Model Y vs Audi Q4 e-tron: space and practicality

Thanks to its enormous boot and sizable front trunk, the Model Y offers plenty of cargo space as well as a spacious cabin – but so does the Q4 e-tron

Tesla Model Y

Both of these cars are undoubtedly well suited to family motoring, as they offer a tremendous amount of boot space, versatile seating configurations and spacious cabins – but the Model Y simply offers a little more in all respects.

There’s plenty of room in the American car's minimalist cabin. You get plenty of foot space for passengers thanks to the completely flat floor, plus a tall roof means headroom is great, too, even with the fixed panoramic glass sunroof that’s standard on all versions.

There's a decent amount of storage throughout the cabin, too, with a pair of wireless smartphone charging pads beneath the central touchscreen and centre console concealing deep storage bins and four USB-C charging sockets.

As well as plenty of passenger space, you get a whopping 854 litres of boot space in the Model Y when filled to the roof and in five-seat form. On top of that, there’s a 117-litre ‘frunk’ under the bonnet – something the Q4 e-tron lacks which is perfect for storing things like charging cables.

All of that isn’t to say the Q4 e-tron feels cramped in any way. There’s plenty of room in the Audi, with the cabin having been designed to feel as airy and spacious as possible. There's a lot of storage as well, including under the 'floating' panel that houses the gear selector up front, as well as carved-out sections in the rear door liners. 

Rear room is a particular highlight in the Q4 e-tron, with plenty of leg and headroom and adequate space for three people to sit across the back row. There are also lots of clever storage options up front to help hide away your stuff, although the door bins are a little small.

As previously mentioned, there’s no front trunk in the Audi, but you still get 520 litres of luggage space – that’s not only likely to be plenty for most families day-to-day, it’s also more than you get in the bigger petrol and diesel-powered Audi Q5. The Q4 e-tron’s load capacity grows even further when you fold the rear seats down, with up to 1,490 litres of space available. However, if you do the same in the Tesla, it boasts over 2,000 litres.

Tow hitches are available for both the Q4 and Model Y. The Audi’s towing limit is 1,200kg, but the Tesla tops it once again here, as it’s capable of hauling up to 1,600kg. Curiously though, the Model Y isn't offered in the UK with seven seats as it is in North America.

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