Fisker PEAR: first look at sub-£25,000 electric SUV

The follow-up to the Fisker Ocean SUV is a smaller and more affordable crossover called the PEAR, set to arrive in 2024 and priced from $29,900 in the US

Fisker PEAR teaser

Henrik Fisker, CEO and founder of the brand behind the hotly anticipated Ocean SUV, has revealed new details about his forthcoming second electric car, called the PEAR – an acronym for 'Personal Electric Automotive Revolution'.

Fisker shared on social media that the PEAR will be “a type of crossover, very sporty, super-short overhangs with a large wraparound windscreen.” It’ll also have four doors, while the rear of the car is unique, as it “does not have a traditional hatch to access the trunk!” Fisker revealed. Exactly how drivers will access the boot remains a mystery for now.

The teaser image Fisker also shared reveals that the PEAR will carry over some styling cues from the Ocean, including the illuminated model name and ultra-thin headlights at the front. It’s hard to judge the size of the car from the one image, however, Fisker has previously stated it’ll measure around 4.5 metres end to end – roughly the same as a Kia Sportage.

That said, Fisker still describes the PEAR as an “agile urban EV”, while the forthcoming Fisker's expected starting price of $29,900 (around £24,500 at the time of writing) in the US is significantly cheaper than any electric car of a similar size.

Fisker Pear

Other specific details on the PEAR's range, charging speed, battery and performance haven’t been disclosed yet. We do know that the PEAR will go into production in 2024 and that, according to its manufacturer, it’ll "blend sustainability, technology and design into a digitally connected, compact, five-passenger urban EV" with "intuitive controls, sporty driving and clever storage".

Fisker added: “Our engineering group is working on new features and high-tech solutions for the PEAR that will change how we use and enjoy a vehicle in the city.”

The PEAR’s new underpinnings will also be used for another two models Fisker teased earlier this year, one of which we believe is an electric pickup truck. Unlike the Ocean, the PEAR is being produced in collaboration with Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn. The company is targeting a minimum production volume of 250,000 cars a year from its facility in Ohio.

Fisker is currently taking $250 deposits for the PEAR, and has confirmed it plans to bring the electric SUV to Europe.

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