DrivingElectric Lockdown Leaderboard: Tesla Model S

Lockdown getting you down? Put that free time to good use, forget about coronavirus and join us in some friendly racing-game competition

Tesla Model S

First, make sure you own the Tesla Model S '12. You may need to level up or save some in-game credits first. 

Next, select Arcade from the top bar in the main menu, then Time Trial.

Find Brands Hatch on the track list. Select Grand Prix Circuit on the next screen, and choose any time of day you like.

Open ‘Garage Cars’ and find the Model S. Select this and you’ll head to the race menu. On the race menu screen, go to ‘Driving Options’ and select Sports Soft tyres (front and rear). Choose whatever traction-control settings you need – then race!

Gran Turismo Sport – Tesla Model S Lockdown Leaderboard

Car: Tesla Model S '12
Tyres: Sport Soft 
Tuning: None
Assists: Any
Track: Brands Hatch GP

Top 10 lap times:

  1. Charlie Fraser (Zero Carbon Racing Driver) – 1:37.159
  2. Alex Ingram (Auto Express) – 1:38.137
  3. JustSlater (Twitter) – 1.38.460
  4. Antony Ingram (evo) – 1:38.749
  5. David Anderson (Twitter) – 1:38.963
  6. Lee Groom (Twitter) – 1:39.090
  7. Michael G (Car Design News) – 1:39.457
  8. Keagan John D'Mello (Twitter) – 1:40.515
  9. Murray Scullion (Bauer Automotive) – 1:40.595
  10. Matt Shaw (Twitter) – 1:41.561