DrivingElectric Lockdown Leaderboard: Jaguar Formula E

Lockdown getting you down? Put that free time to good use, forget about coronavirus and join us in some friendly racing-game competition

Jaguar Formula E

First, if you don’t own it already, buy the #47 Panasonic Jaguar Racing I-Type 1 in-game. You may need to level up or save some credits first.

Then, select ‘Single Player’, then ‘Rivals’, followed by ‘Class S Time Attack’. The next screen is a list of tracks – scroll along until you find Long Beach East.

On selecting this you’ll be greeted by a pop-up asking if you want to upgrade your car. In the interest of fair competition, select ‘RACE ANYWAY’ to carry on with no modifications. Then wait for the track to load, start your race and set a time.

Remember, on the ‘Post Race’ screen you can press ‘X’ to view an international in-game leaderboard along with your time.

Forza Motorsport 7 – Jaguar Formula E Lockdown Leaderboard

Car: #47 Panasonic Jaguar Racing I-Type 1
Tyres: Stock
Tuning/homologation: None
Assists: Any
Track: Long Beach East

Top 10 lap times:

  1. Dan Collier (Twitter) – 00:55.436
  2. Dean Gibson (Auto Express) – 00:56.016
  3. Jason Bartram (Twitter) – 00:56.217
  4. Alastair Crooks (Auto Express) – 00:56:313
  5. Rob Hollyman (Twitter) – 00:56.318
  6. Oli Hughes (AutoBant) – 00:56.409
  7. James Howe (DrivingElectric) – 00:57.438
  8. Ahmed Jan (Twitter) – 00:58.701
  9. Vicky Parrott (DrivingElectric) – 00:58.740
  10. Jake Weaver (Auto Express) – 1:03.309