New 2020 Honda Jazz hybrid set for summer launch in Europe

An all-new Honda Jazz will go on sale in the UK and Europe in summer 2020, offered with hybrid power only

New Honda Jazz

The all-new Honda Jazz hybrid goes on on sale in the UK in summer 2020, with pricing yet to be announced. It'll be offered as both a regular five-door hatchback and as an SUV-styled 'Crosstar' variant, both of which were first revealed at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

The new Jazz boasts Honda's latest 'e:HEV' hybrid powertrain, which combines a 1.5-litre petrol engine with a pair of electric motors, drawing power from a lithium-ion battery. It'll be the only engine offered for the car in European markets; Honda says this is a step on the road to it offering an electrified version of its entire line-up by 2022.

A power output of 108bhp, 102g/km CO2 emissions and 63mpg fuel economy are the headline figures, which compare with 114bhp and estimated numbers of 86g/km and 105mpg for the Jazz's closest rival, the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid. The Jazz Crosstar variant records 110g/km CO2 emissions and 59mpg economy. Performance-wise, the Jazz will get from 0-62mph in 9.4 seconds and top out at 108mph.

As in Honda's larger CR-V Hybrid SUV, the system automatically shuffles between three driving modes: EV Mode uses electric power only, Hybrid Drive sees the engine send power to the generator motor that then powers the motor turning the wheels and Engine Drive sees the engine drive the wheels directly. EV Mode and Hybrid Drive are predominantly used at low speeds while parking or in traffic, while Engine Drive comes into play on more open roads.

New Honda Jazz interior and practicality

Inside, the new Jazz will feature the latest infotainment and connectivity technology, with in-car wi-fi and an LCD touchscreen with a smartphone-like interface that Honda promises will be faster to use than its predecessor, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone pairing. Voice control will be possible using the Honda Personal Assistant interface first seen in the pure-electric Honda e city car.

On the practicality side, the new Jazz retains the previous model's characteristic 'magic seats', with bases that flip up to free up more cargo-carrying space in the cabin. A wide centre-console armrest and improved, wider seats also promise to increase comfort for occupants. Honda says boot capacity ranges from 298 litres with the rear seats in place to 1,203 litres (measured to the roof) when they're folded down.

Finally, Honda is fitting the new Jazz with a wide array of safety equipment, including collision-mitigation braking, day and night pedestrian and cyclist detection, adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance.