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Toyota bZ4X vs Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs Volkswagen ID.4: verdict and specifications

The Toyota bZ4X runs the Hyundai Ioniq 5 close, while the Volkswagen ID.4 is the third best of our three

Toyota bZ4X

1st: Hyundai Ioniq 5 – 5.0 stars

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 continues to vanquish almost any opponent that dares face it. Retro looks hide the very latest technology, both in terms of infotainment and charging, while the Ioniq 5 is impressively practical and beautifully finished. It wins for both charging capability and performance, and it’s a great long-distance cruiser. The cherry on top is that it undercuts these rivals at the time of writing.

2nd: Toyota bZ4X – 4.5 stars

Toyota’s first crack at a fully electric car is a very good one. The bZ4X is more than capable of mixing it with the best electric SUVs, thanks to its decent range and charging capacity and its well-appointed interior. It boasts reasonable performance and practicality, and is the best of these cars to drive.

3rd: Volkswagen ID.4 – 4.0 stars

If the ID.4 didn’t have a performance-focused badge we might be able to forgive it for its forgettable driving experience. It’s the most spacious of these three, but that’s not enough to overcome its interior shortcomings. The lofty price (and comparably short equipment list) don’t help either.



Hyundai Ioniq 5 77.4kWh Ultimate AWD

Toyota bZ4X 160kW AWD Motion

Volkswagen ID.4 GTX

List price/price as tested

£50,450 / £51,035

£50,180 / £51,145

£51,580 / £55,175


Dual electric motors

Dual electric motors

Dual electric motors


Single-speed, all-wheel-drive

Single-speed, all-wheel-drive

Single-speed, all-wheel-drive

Usable battery capacity

77.4 kWh

71.4 kWh

77 kWh

Power / torque

321bhp / 605Nm

215bhp / 337Nm

295bhp / 460Nm


5.1 seconds

6.9 seconds

6.2 seconds

Top speed




Annual elec. cost (12k/20k miles)

£988 / £1,647

£988 / £1,647

£988 / £1,647

Charging speeds

7.4 / 11 / 220kW

7.4 / 11 / 150kW

7.4 / 11 / 135kW

Charging times

13h / 8h / 18min (10-80%)

12h 45m / 7h 45m / 32min (10-80%)

12h 15m / 8h 15m / 32 min (10-80%)

Official range

282 miles

286 miles

299 miles

On-test efficiency / range

3.4mi/kWh / 263 miles

3.4mi/kWh / 243 miles

3.4mi/kWh / 262 miles

BiK rate (2022-23) / total for 20% taxpayer

2% / £207

2% / £201

2% / £206

Length / width / height / wheelbase

4,635 / 1,890 / 1,605 / 3,000mm

4,690 / 1,860 / 1,650 / 2,850mm

4,584 / 1,852 / 1,631 / 2,771mm

Boot capacity (seats up/down)

527 / 1,587 litres

425 litres

543 / 1,575 litres

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Welcome one and all, I’m Ellis the news reporter on Auto Express, the brand’s former online reviews editor and contributor to DrivingElectric. I’m proud to say I cut my teeth reporting and reviewing all things EV as the content editor on DrivingElectric. I joined the team while completing my master’s degree in automotive journalism at Coventry University and since then I’ve driven just about every electric car and hybrid I could get my hands on.

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