Volkswagen ID.3 vs Nissan Leaf: space and practicality

The Nissan Leaf has a bigger boot, but passengers will have more room inside the Volkswagen ID.3

Nissan Leaf

Without the need for accommodating large internal-combustion engines under the bonnet, these electric family cars are very practical, with plenty of space inside. Part of their practicality is charging, and as we’ve already seen, the Volkswagen is a winner in that respect.

The ID.3 is also a winner when it comes to passenger space. There’s a completely flat floor in the back, so three people can sit on the rear bench in relative comfort, and there’s lots of head and legroom, too. The Leaf has nearly as much room, but access to the rear seats is more difficult and there’s no flat floor.

The Nissan does have a bigger boot, though, at 420 litres. The Volkswagen offers up 385 litres, which is average for a family car and enough for a few suitcases or a typical family shopping trip. Fold the rear seats down and the Volkswagen's boot expands to 1,267 litres, which is actually more than the Nissan’s 1,176-litre area in the same configuration.

Sadly, both cars have a bump in the floor with the seats down; it’s not completely flat, so sliding long items in is more difficult in either case. There are also more interior storage spaces in the ID.3, and the roomier driving position up front means it has a more spacious feel when you sit inside.

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