Vauxhall Corsa-e vs Renault ZOE: running costs and warranty

Both of these electric superminis will cost a whole lot less to run than an equivalent petrol model

Electric superminis like these are designed to be charged up at home overnight, so while public charging is expensive per mile, you can make serious savings by plugging in at home. It’s great for business users too, since in 2020/21 the rate for electric cars is zero per cent.

On an average electricity rate of 14.4p per kWh, a full charge will cost £7.20 for the Vauxhall and £7.92 for the Renault. This works out at £455 a year and £443 a year respectively over 12,000 miles, but that’s more than many EV drivers will do - so fuel costs are very affordable.

Both models were pretty efficient on our real-world test: the Corsa-e returned 3.8 miles per kWh and the ZOE returned 3.9 miles per kWh. This results in a range of 171 miles and 203 miles respectively, so if you have a short commute there would be no need to charge up every day.

Renault beats Vauxhall when it comes to the warranty, so you’ll avoid more potential repair costs over a longer ownership. The ZOE comes with five years or 100,000 miles of cover, while the Corsa-e only gets three years or 60,000 miles.