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Renault Twizy costs, insurance, warranty & tax

Daily running costs will be miniscule for the average Twizy owner, but battery rental charges mean the financial advantages aren't clear-cut

Overall rating

1.5 out of 5

Running costs & insurance rating

3.0 out of 5

Insurance groupWarrantyService intervals2020/21 company-car tax cost (20%/40%)
105yrs / 100,000 miles1yr / 18,000 miles£0

The Renault Twizy is one of the cheapest new cars available in the UK, as long as you’re prepared to accept that a quadricycle is not actually a car, of course. Previously, Renault insisted owners lease their Twizy batteries, which meant an added cost of at least £50 per month. Now, though, this figure is built into the list price – so while the Twizy may appear more expensive than before, you no longer have to fund the monthly battery rental.

There’s no plug-in grant money available from the government for the Twizy, either, because a) it doesn’t travel the required distance on electric power alone and b) in official terms, it’s a quadricycle, not a car. London-based drivers will save with Congestion Charge exemption, and there’s no road tax to pay. Thanks to zero CO2 emissions, you'd also attract a zero Benefit-in-Kind tax rate as a company-car driver – should your employer put the Twizy on its user-chooser list, that is.

Twizy drivers will likely make their biggest savings on daily running costs, as the cost to charge the battery is little more than a pound. As the battery is pretty small, you don’t even need to invest in a wallbox; any three-pin socket will do.

Renault Twizy insurance group

The insurance costs for the Twizy are hardly outrageous, but group ratings of 11 and 12 for the Expression and Dynamique models mean you’ll pay more in premiums than you would for a Renault ZOE or Nissan Leaf – and certainly more than for a low-powered scooter.


The standard Renault five-year/unlimited-mileage warranty applies to the Twizy. Previously, owners had to lease their batteries, which were covered separately under the terms of their hire contract. However, the contract guaranteed only that the battery would retain at least 75% of its stated charge capacity.


The simplicity of the Twizy drivetrain means the service interval is only every 18,000 miles, but Renault stipulates annual check-ups anyway. It’s not too much of a hardship with a three-year inclusive service package costing just £100. You can extend the package to four years, but that costs £400, as more work needs to be done in the fourth year.

Road tax

You don’t have to pay any road tax at all if you drive a Renault Twizy.

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