Tesla Model Y 2020: specs and on-sale date

According to Elon Musk, the Tesla Model Y, its next SUV, will go into production in early 2020

Tesla badge

Tesla is continuing its efforts to move into bigger-selling market sectors with the launch of the Model Y. It’ll be the company’s second SUV, smaller and more affordable than the Tesla Model X, and is due to go into production in 2020.

As yet, there are precious few details confirmed about the car, but in typical fashion, former chairman Elon Musk told a shareholder meeting that it would be "something super special".

We don’t know much beyond that, as all we’ve seen so far are a couple of teaser shots. However, on a conference call in January 2019, Musk said the company was ordering the tooling for the Model Y and that it would be in volume production by late 2020.

From the teaser shots, we can see that the Model Y will share some of its styling with the larger Model X – possibly even its Falcon Wing doors – and we know that it'll be built on the same platform as the Model 3. That will mean that Tesla can put the car on sale sooner than first predicted, as well as keep its costs down.

As a result, we expect that the car will have the same powertrains as the Model 3, which offers buyers a choice of a 220-mile range on the basic car and 310 miles on the range-topping version.