Nissan Ariya electric concept unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

All-electric Nissan Ariya concept previews future production cars at the Tokyo Motor Show

The Nissan Ariya concept has been revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, previewing the future of the Japanese brand’s electric-vehicle range.

No performance details have been given, but the Nissan says the Ariya features an electric motor on each axle for four-wheel drive, giving “excellent cornering performance and traction on slippery surfaces”. A “high-power” output is also promised.

The compact crossover features an updated version of Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 driver assistance technology: the system lets you take your hands off the wheel when cruising in a single lane, while also helping with overtaking and using motorway slip-roads.

The Ariya shares design traits with Nissan’s IMk concept: two slim LED headlights sit alongside a V-shaped shield at the front, with a full-length LED light bar at the rear. The wheelarches give the Ariya a bold look, while the 21-inch alloys feature a similar, copper-coloured design.

The main body of the Ariya is finished in a two-tone Suisei Blue paint scheme, with glass particles giving two different effects depending on the angle bystanders look at the vehicle. Up close, the concept has a metallic finish, although those standing further away will see a matte effect.

Inside, the Ariya features a 12.3-inch infotainment system with a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Touch-sensitive controls retract into the dashboard when not in use, while the leather upholstery on the seats is combined with a copper trim to match the wheels.

Occupants benefit from a completely flat floor, made possible by the layout of the battery pack along the spine of the vehicle. The seats are thin in order to boost passenger space, while the large glasshouse lets in plenty of light and gives a “panoramic” view of the outside world.

It’s not known at this stage if the Nissan Ariya will form the basis of a production car, or if the concept is merely designed to show customers what they can expect from the company’s future electric vehicle line-up.

“This is not a concept car designed from far-off ideas,” hinted Yasuhiro Yamauchi, Nissan’s acting president and CEO. “It is the next stage of Nissan’s future design language as we embark on a new era for the company.”