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MG 5 SW interior, dashboard & comfort

It doesn't have the most stylish interior available at this price point, but the MG 5 is comfortable and well equipped, even in entry-level form

Overall rating

4.0 out of 5

Interior, dashboard & comfort rating

3.5 out of 5

£27,244 - £29,744
Fuel Type:

MG’s pragmatic approach to the electric car continues with the 5's overall design and execution. It's not the most stylish model around, but it looks smart enough, while inside there are plenty of cheap plastics to be found. It doesn't feel especially modern and certainly can't match the Honda e's interior for wow factor – but at a price like this, that doesn't really matter.

MG 5 SW dashboard

The MG 5’s driving environment is straightforward enough. The dashboard design seems not unlike the previous generation of Skodas, with a fairly clean layout punctuated by a touchscreen infotainment display. The integration of the display isn’t perfect – it’s surrounded by a cheap-looking plastic panel to house it within the dashboard – but the centre console area is a better effort, with a rotary transmission selector and actual physical buttons for most of the important features, such as the heating and air-conditioning. The steering wheel is easy enough on the eye, too, and the instrument panel in front of the driver, while a little busy compared to the clarity of say, a Toyota hybrid, includes all the important information you need.

Equipment, options & accessories

There's a no-nonsense range with just two trim levels: Excite or Exclusive. The former gets plenty of kit, including a seven-inch driver's display, four USB ports, fabric seats and a leather steering wheel; the step to Exclusive adds keyless entry, sat nav, faux-leather upholstery, heated seats and powered adjustment for the driver's seat, plus automatic wipers and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror. We'd be inclined to stick with the entry-level car, though – it's got plenty of equipment.

Infotainment, apps & sat nav

An eight-inch colour touchscreen is standard across the range, and includes the all-important Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration (along with a quartet of USB ports for plugging in devices) plus DAB and Bluetooth. It all works well, even if the screen can be a touch slow to respond at times – especially the first time you select a particular function after turning the car on. Satellite navigation is also standard, and MG has usefully included a few physical controls to make navigating certain common functions a little easier.

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