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MG5 EV review: range, battery & charging

A healthy battery size means a decent range for the MG5, and charging times aren’t too bad either – whether topping up at home or on the road

Overall rating

4.0 out of 5

Range, battery & charging rating

3.5 out of 5

£30,995 - £33,495
Fuel Type:
RangeBattery sizeWallbox charge timeRapid charge time
235-250 miles61.1kWh10hrs 15mins (0-100%, 7.4kW)35mins (10-80%, 80kW)

The refreshed MG5 electric estate is fitted with the same 61.1kWh battery as before and its usable capacity of 57.4kWh is enough for an official range of between 235 and 250 miles depending on which trim level you go for. The 87kW rapid charging speeds are unchanged, too, but still sufficient so you won’t have to spend too long topping up at service stations on longer journeys. Plus, the charging port is in the MG5’s nose, which makes plugging in a little easier.

MG5 EV range

The MG5 currently only comes in Long Range form, unlike the MG4 which is available with a couple of battery sizes. Entry-level MG5 SE trim models boast an official range of 250 miles, while the more generously equipped Trophy specification reduces the MG5’s range to 235 miles on a full charge, likely due to its larger 17-inch wheels. 

Our test car was a Trophy-spec model, which we used to cover a mixture of motorway and town driving, with the MG5 returning 3.6 miles per kWh. With a usable capacity of 57.4kWh, that level of efficiency translates to a real-world range of about 206 miles. And that’s in the winter, with the heated seats on their highest setting and cabin temperature turned up, which will bring an EVs range down; getting within 30 miles of MG's claimed figure is pretty good. Plus the MG5 consumed energy at a predictable rate, which makes it easy to plan ahead – always a welcome trait in an electric car.

Charge time

The MG5's 87kW rapid charging capability is respectable in the electric family car class, and even trumps the new Kia Niro EV’s 77kW maximum charging speed. That means the MG will top up from 10-80% in around 40 minutes from most public rapid charging points. Fully recharging the MG5 will take a little over nine hours if you use a 7.4kW home wallbox, while a three-pin plug will do the job in 18 hours. It’s best to treat that as a last resort when you’re away from home.

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