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Mercedes A-Class hybrid review

The smallest plug-in that Mercedes makes, the A 250 e is also one of the most efficient. It's a great, if not overly exciting, company-car choice

Mercedes A 250 e
Overall rating

4.0 out of 5

£33,185 - £37,280
Fuel Type:
Hybrid Petrol


  • Very efficient
  • Low company-car tax
  • Class-leading interior


  • Unrefined drivetrain
  • Occasionally lumpy ride
  • Not the most fun to drive
Car typeElectric rangeFuel economyCO2 emissions
Plug-in hybrid43-45 miles41.5-217.3mpg23g/km

Mercedes’ current line-up features an impressive array of plug-in hybrids as the brand strives to offer customers more electrified options. The A-Class is the smallest and most affordable plug-in Mercedes on-sale right now, slotting in below the larger C-Class, E-Class and S-Class hybrids. The A 250 e arrived just ahead of Audi’s A3 TFSI e, while BMW is still yet to release a direct competitor. Its other rival is the latest iteration of the Volkswagen Golf GTE.

At its core, the A 250 e offers most of what more expensive hybrids bring to the table, just in a slightly more affordable package. That includes good looks, a luxurious interior and advanced in-car technology, combined with its potentially low running costs. Yet, this impressive plug-in hybrid now starts from around £38,000, which feels a little steep for a small family hatchback. If your lifestyle allows a fully electric car, the A-Class costs a similar amount to the Volkswagen ID.3 and Renault Megane E-TECH Electric. However, strong residuals typically mean keen monthly finance rates for the A-Class.

Under the bonnet of the A 250 e you’ll find a 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol engine – the same one used in the A200, but with a 101bhp electric motor and 15.6kWh battery allowing for a respectable range of up to 45 miles on electricity alone and a total power figure of 215bhp. Our test drive suggested that Mercedes’ range estimate is quite accurate, too.

The plug-in A-Class’ efficiency figures are very appealing, too, with CO2 emissions of 23g/km and Mercedes claiming fuel economy of up to 217mpg. As a result, the A 250 e would also fare well as a company car, offering one of the cheapest rates of tax for a car that’s not pure-electric – and these rates should stay consistent until at least April 2024.

From a home wallbox supplying electricity at 7.4kW, the A 250 e will recharge from 10 to 100% capacity in an hour and 45 minutes.

The A 250 e is offered in both hatchback and saloon versions, but only comes in the more expensive AMG Line Executive, AMG Line Premium and AMG Line Premium Plus trim levels. The hatchback version of the plug-in hybrid A-Class costs from just under £38,000 to £41,500, while the saloon is a little more expensive, costing around £500 more spec-for-spec. Read on for the rest of our in-depth review of the A-Class plug-in hybrid…

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