Dacia electric car: specs and on-sale date

Using technology from its sister companies Renault and Nissan, Dacia will be able to launch some very affordable electric vehicles

Dacia logo

We could be very close to seeing the first electric cars from Dacia – and they’ll follow the same recipe that has made the brand's current range so successful.

Just as the current line-up of Sandero, Duster and Logan benefit from being able to use low-cost technology from Renault and Nissan, so Dacia’s future electric cars will use technology from the likes of the Renault ZOE, one of Europe’s biggest-selling electric models.

So far, Dacia has made no announcements about what its first electric car will be or when we might see it. However, speaking to Auto Express at the Frankfurt Show in 2017, the company’s European chairman confirmed it had access to all technology from the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

He said the company would only move into the electric-vehicle market when there was sufficient customer demand and the technology was affordable. Low prices have been key to the success of Dacia thus far, and that won't change, even when it launches an electric car. 

Given Dacia’s current range, it seems most likely that the company will adopt technology from the ZOE, which itself has only recently been upgraded with a stronger battery. However, it also seems likely that an electric Dacia would have to be built off a new (or new-to-the-company) platform, which suggests that we’re looking at 2020 at the earliest.