Smart EQ ForTwo Coupe range, battery & charging

Relatively quick charge times can’t make up for the Smart EQ ForTwo's limited real-world range

Range Battery size Wallbox charge time Fast charge time
96 miles (NEDC) 17.6kWh 2 hours 30 mins (7.4kW, 0-80%) N/A

The Smart EQ ForTwo is designed for city driving. Its tiny dimensions are perfectly suited to urban areas, but stop-start traffic harms the car’s already-limited range. It misses out on some of its rivals’ clever tech, too, with relatively few ways to maximise your range. Still, if you’ve got a short commute and can charge the Smart EQ ForTwo regularly, it’s a fantastic car to live with.

Smart ForTwo EQ range

Officially, the Smart EQ ForTwo should manage up to 99 miles on a single charge. That’s almost identical to a Volkswagen e-up!, but some way short of the latest Renault ZOE models. In reality, a figure of between 65-80 miles is more realistic.

The Smart has an Eco button, which restricts power usage and throttle response, adding vital miles to the car’s usable range. Depending on your driving style, it could offer as many as 20 extra miles to the car’s predicted range. Switching the air-conditioning system off will boost this figure, too.

Charge time

Smart says you can charge your ForTwo to 80% full in as little as 40 minutes. However, you’ll need a high-power wallbox or public rapid-charge point for that rate. From a domestic three-pin power socket, the Smart takes “less than six hours” to reach 80%. Smart provides charging cables for home charging as well as for wallbox and public charging stations.

Battery warranty

Smart offers an eight-year/62,000-mile battery warranty with every new EQ model. This is transferable to any subsequent owner, and will be valid even if you buy the car used (as long as it has been serviced in line with the manufacturer's schedule).

Battery lease

Smart doesn’t currently offer the option to lease your car’s battery. The cost of the battery is included in the original sale price.