Skoda Superb Estate hybrid running costs

The Superb iV can look expensive next to non-electrified variants, but in comparison to plug-in hybrid alternatives, it’s fantastic value for money

Skoda Superb Estate hybrid
Insurance group Warranty Service interval 2020/21 company-car tax cost (20%/40%)
26-27 3yrs / 60,000 miles 1yr / 18,000 miles From £664 / £1,328

Compared to other large plug-in hybrids, the Superb iV Estate is great value for retail or business buyers when it comes to purchase and running costs. We’d like to see slightly lower monthly PCP finance payments, but that may happen as the Superb ages and Skoda introduces more incentives.

Currently, retail buyers are looking at around £450 a month for an SE L after a £5,000 deposit, based on a 36-month contract with 10,000-mile annual allowance. Business lease deals are available from under £350 a month if you shop around, which is seriously competitive for such a large and well equipped estate; the Superb could be a favourite with fleet managers.

Company-car users who pay Benefit-in-Kind tax benefit, too. A 40% taxpayer will pay £1,727 a year until April 2022, which is less than half what one of the non-electrified petrol or diesel Superbs will cost in BiK tax.

Skoda Superb Estate hybrid insurance group

The Superb falls into insurance groups 26 to 27, which is on par with rivals like the Volkswagen Passat GTE and even the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.


The Superb has a three-year/60,000-mile warranty as standard, and it can be extended up to five years/100,000 miles for £630. The lithium-ion battery is warrantied for eight years/100,000 miles, which includes a guarantee to refurbish or replace the battery if it drops below 70% of its as-new performance.


The Superb has a variable servicing schedule and will display a message on its dashboard when it requires a service. A lot of driving around town may see servicing required more frequently, but otherwise expect the car to request a trip to the service centre roughly every 12 months.

Road tax

Like all hybrid cars, the Superb iV is liable for a £140 annual road-tax bill – a measly £10 discount on the standard £150 figure for pure-petrol and diesel vehicles.

As the very top-of-the-range version just crosses the £40,000 list-price threshold, those models are liable for an additional £325 road-tax premium the first five times the tax is renewed. That would take the annual bill to £465 during that period – so be careful if you're keen to avoid that additional payment.