Skoda Superb Estate hybrid range, charging, MPG & CO2 emissions

For both electric range and petrol-engine efficiency, the Superb iV plug-in hybrid is impressive and competitive with rivals

Fuel economy CO2 emissions Electric range Wallbox charge time
149-202mpg 33-42g/km 32-37 miles 3hrs 30mins (0-100%, 3.6kW)

The Skoda Superb iV Estate is very competitive with rivals in terms of its official electric range and petrol-engine fuel efficiency. More importantly, in real-world use it has proven to be usefully more efficient than many of those rivals, hence our high score for it here.

Skoda Superb Estate hybrid range, MPG & CO2 emissions

The plug-in hybrid Superb Estate is impressively efficient. We achieved nearly 30 miles of electric running in 10-degree weather with a little motorway and rural-road mileage included. Perhaps more impressive is that the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine managed over 42mpg even when run without battery charge, making it just as economical as the smaller and lighter BMW 3 Series Touring and far more economical than other potential family plug-in hybrids like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

There are all the battery modes you'd expect in this car, too. You can force pure-electric driving, hold the state of battery charge until later in the journey (which is advisable if you commute up the motorway and then want electric power for city miles at the end of the drive) and the option to charge the battery with the petrol engine – but you’ll pay a penalty in fuel economy for doing that.

Charge time

The Skoda’s charging speed is capped at 3.6kW, which is much the same as most plug-in hybrids. It means that the car will fully charge in around three-and-a-half hours from a standard home wallbox, or you can plug into a normal three-pin domestic socket for a charge time of five hours.

The Skoda comes with a Type 2 cable for plugging into wallboxes and AC public chargers, as well as a cable for charging up from a domestic three-pin socket. There’s also dedicated cable storage under the boot floor, to keep the charging cables neatly out of the way.