BMW 330e vs Volvo S60 T8: space and practicality

As four-door saloons, neither of these cars offers the height of practicality

BMW 330e vs Volvo S60 T8

Two adults will be comfortable in the back seats of the BMW 330e, although there’s a touch more legroom and quite a bit more light in the Volvo, as well as 60:40 split-folding rear seats with a through-loading hatch. You have to pay extra for folding rear seats on the entry-level 330e SE, but M Sport cars have them. 

The only area where the Volvo S60 really disappoints is boot versatility; while the 390-litre boot space is slightly larger than the BMW’s and its wider aperture helps with loading bulky buggies or suitcases, the lack of cable storage is hard to forgive.

BMW 330e vs Volvo S60 T8

Having one or two cables lying around the boot, and no underfloor or hidden storage available, makes this a less useful boot in everyday use than the BMW's, despite the size advantage. The BMW’s 375-litre boot has shallow underfloor storage that requires annoyingly careful cable packing, but it’s still a great addition.