Polestar 1 2019: specs, price and on-sale date

The first car from the offshoot of Volvo will be a plug-in hybrid coupe, but it won’t be sold in right-hand drive

Polestar 1

Polestar has a long and distinguished history of developing fast Volvos, but now it’s going to become a carmaker in its own right. Its first car is called the Polestar 1. 

It’s also unique in that it'll the company’s only plug-in hybrid. Subsequent cars are already in the pipeline, but they – and every other Polestar – will be pure electric cars. However, they'll all have high performance in common. 

Polestar 1 styling

This may be billed as the first car from Polestar, but Volvo’s influence is obvious in the way it looks. Effectively, it’s a shorter, 2+2 coupe version of the Volvo S90 saloon. The grille and ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlights certainly look very like what you see on the front of everything from the V40 to the XC90. 


Inside, too, the arrangement of the dashboard – with its large, portrait touchscreen – the air vents and even the gear selector are all pure Volvo. Mind you, that’s no bad thing, as Volvo makes some of the smartest and most comfortable interiors on the market.

The one thing you'll notice from these pictures is that steering wheel is on the left, as it will be in every Polestar 1. The company is only planning to build 600 Polestar 1s a year and none of them will be right-hand drive.


Hailed as an ‘electric performance hybrid’, the Polestar 1 certainly has the vital statistics to back up the name. It combines a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine that powers the front wheels with a starter-motor generator and electric motors to power the rear wheels, and the result is a total output of 592bhp and a 0-62mph time of less than four seconds.

In addition, the company says the Polestar 1 can run on just the starter-motor generator and the electric motors, using electric power, for 93 zero-emission miles. 

To cope with the performance, the Polestar 1 has active suspension developed by specialist Ohlins that can be configured by the driver. According to Polestar, the suspension can react to changes in the road surface in less than two milliseconds.


If you want to, you can buy a Polestar 1 outright – from about £135,000 – but the car will also be available through a subscription service. 

Owners will take out a two or three-year subscription, with the monthly payment also covering insurance and maintenance. At the end of the period, the car is replaced by a new model, with the old one refurbished and being offered as a used car.