MG Cyberster sketches preview forthcoming electric sports car

MG parent company SAIC teases electric sports car concept car with a nod to the MGB and MGF

MG Cyberster concept

Posting on social media, MG’s London-based design studio has released sketches of what’s thought to be a forthcoming electric sports-car concept.

In its post, MG said the sketches are of “something very exciting in the making, designed and developed by the UK and Shanghai design team”. For the time being, further details are thin on the ground.

The images preview a sleek two-seater sports car, devoid of air intakes and surrounded by lightning – all but confirming suspicions of its electrification. Stylistically it shares very little with the current MG line-up: a low, long bonnet and cab-back layout both feature, along with rounded, swept-back headlights, a large integrated front splitter and what could be illumination on the MG badge, as well as the leading edge of the bonnet and along the car’s flanks.

The rear deck appears to feature an integrated roll hoop, and rather than opting for a retro, curved rear end, a dramatic Kamm-tail with a small lip has been used. The car’s tail-lights follow the edge of this sliced-off rear end, joined by what appears to be a central F1-style foglight. Large seven-spoke alloy wheels (with illuminated centre caps) top off the look with a directional axe-head design.

We’ll have to wait for further information, and given the uncertainty surrounding motor shows in the current coronavirus-affected climate, it could be a while before we see the finished article in the metal. 

The news comes as MG’s electric-car efforts continue to be well received by UK buyers. The firm’s ZS EV SUV was crowned Best Electric Car in the 2020 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, with its low asking price, reasonable running costs and strong ride and handling proving a hit with owners. It may be that this car’s tried-and-tested powertrain makes its way into a future MG sports car in an upgraded form.

MG also previously confirmed that a production version of its E-motion concept car – first shown at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2017 – is on the way. The large pure-electric luxury coupe is expected to arrive in 2021 as the brand’s ‘halo’ model.