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Lexus UX 300e boot space & seating

It's not very big inside, but the Lexus UX 300e is extremely comfortable

Overall rating

3.5 out of 5

Boot space, seating & practicality rating

3.5 out of 5

£40,964 - £50,564
Fuel Type:
LengthWidthHeightBoot volume (seats up)
4,495mm1,840mm1,545mm367 litres

The Lexus UX has never been the largest car in its class, but that doesn't mean it's a practicality disaster. Front-seat passengers being particularly well treated in higher trims, with comfortable seats that adjust in all manner of directions. Space is at a premium in the back, however.

Further sacrifice has been made when it comes to boot space, though you'd needn't compromise further by choosing the electric version  – instead, it's actually a little bigger than the hybrid on which it's based. 

The cheaper Kia Niro offers greater versatility for families, but if you don't need a huge amount of space, the UX 300e will be a much more luxurious proposition. And with its full five-door layout, it should be easier to live with than a Mazda MX-30 if you need to get children in and out regularly.

Lexus UX 300e interior space, storage & comfort

The UX isn't the biggest car in this class, and it's in the rear seats where the biggest compromises have been made. Taller adults will need to dip very low to get in, and once they're there, they'll find a Mercedes EQA is far more accommodating. The high rear window line in the Lexus means smaller children may struggle to see out from their booster seats, too. 

Thankfully, the UX follows the Lexus party line of being comfortable and refined for occupants in the front – the seats are great and longer journeys should sail by. The addition of an electric drivetrain has helped make things feel even more relaxed, so the UX is worth a look if this is a priority. Interior storage is adequate if not extraordinary – doorbins all round, a central armrest cubby and two decent cupholders up front are your lot.

Boot space

Perhaps counterintuitively, there's more space in the back of the electric UX than you'll find in a hybrid model. The boot is still on the small side for an SUV, at 367 litres, but this still trumps the hybrid UX's 320 litres, or paltry 283 litres in four-wheel-drive models. There's no seats-down figure, although they do fold to extend storage space. Lexus also supplies a seats-up, loaded-to-the-roof figure of 486 litres.

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