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Kia XCeed PHEV running costs

Company-car drivers benefit most from the XCeed's low CO2 emissions, but low-mileage private buyers will find it cost-effective, too

Kia XCeed PHEV
Overall rating

3.5 out of 5

Running costs rating

4.0 out of 5

£30,255 - £34,255
Fuel Type:
Hybrid Petrol
Insurance groupWarrantyService interval2021/22 company-car tax cost (20%/40%)
187yrs / 100,000 miles1yr / 10,000 milesFrom £679 / £1,357

Depending on your circumstances, the Kia XCeed PHEV should be a very cheap car to run. Company-car drivers stand to gain the most thanks to the car's low official CO2 emissions figure and correspondingly low Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax rating, but low-mileage private buyers stand to save big, too, by keeping the car in electric mode for the vast majority of their local journeys.

Kia XCeed PHEV insurance group

The XCeed PHEV falls into insurance group 18, which shouldn't mean ruinously expensive premiums, but is still higher than the 12-16 ratings applied to most of the petrol and diesel-powered models in the range.


Kia comes up trumps on the warranty front with its by now well known seven-year/100,000-mile guarantee, which has yet to be comprehensively bettered by any rival marques, many years after its introduction. Even if you don't plan to keep your car beyond the usual three years or so, such a long warranty is a boon for the car's residual value when you go to sell or trade it in.


The XCeed PHEV needs servicing at the same intervals as non-electrified Kias: once a year or every 10,000 miles; whichever comes first.

Road tax

Road-tax (VED) exemption for low-CO2 cars is a thing of the past these days; you now have to go fully electric if you want to minimise your contributions to HM Treasury's bottom line. Plug-in hybrids like the XCeed do get a £10 discount on the regular £155 annual fee, so your bill will be £145 every 12 months.

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