Honda NSX reliability & safety

There’s very little data with which to judge the Honda NSX's reliability, but it should be good in the long-term

It’s difficult to judge the reliability of the NSX, but Honda’s strong reputation in this area isn’t without reason and it has a lot of experience with hybrids, so it stands to reason that the NSX should be one of the more reliable sports cars. Safety-wise, it's a shame that some key driver aids aren’t available.

Honda NSX reliability & problems

There’s very little data with which to judge the Honda NSX’s reliability, specifically, but Honda has a great reputation for reliability.

The brand was rated an impressive third overall for customer satisfaction in our sister title Auto Express' 2018 Driver Power survey, and the Honda CR-V was ranked in the top 10 most reliable cars, too. This should be one of the safer bets in the super-sports class when it comes to reliability.

Honda's strong showing continued in the 2020 edition of Driver Power, where it was ranked seventh out of 30 brands surveyed.


The NSX hasn’t been crash-tested by Euro NCAP, but that’s simply because of the car’s low production numbers. Ultimately, the NSX should be one of the safest sports cars going, thanks in part to its grippy handling and powerful brakes.

Safety kit is adequate – there are airbags, a rollover sensor and effective traction control – but the NSX is missing some key driver aids. Lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking aren’t available at all, while front and rear parking sensors are an expensive option.