Honda NSX running costs

The Honda NSX should cost much the same to run as most other cars with such elite performance ability

While the Honda NSX is a hybrid, it’s also a sports car, or many would argue a supercar, and running it will be just as expensive as most other cars of this ilk. Factor in money for tyres (which will need changing more regularly and will be expensive to replace) as well as for tax and insurance. Buying it will be expensive, too – some £30,000 more than a BMW i8 Coupe or Audi R8 – if roughly on a par with rivals from McLaren and Porsche.

Honda NSX insurance group

The NSX isn’t going to be cheap to insure. It falls into the most expensive insurance group, which you’d expect given the performance. If you’re worried about insurance costs, you probably shouldn’t be buying a car with nearly 600bhp.


The NSX gets a three-year/60,000-mile warranty, which is par for the course for most sports and supercars.


The NSX has variable servicing intervals: the car will tell you when it needs some routine maintenance by displaying a message on the dashboard. You can’t get the NSX serviced at any Honda dealership – you’ll have to take it to a specialist NSX dealer, but the really good news is that Honda throws in a free three-year service plan. You won’t get that from Porsche or McLaren.

Road tax

Because the Honda’s CO2 emissions are so high, it’s subject to a ‘showroom tax’, or first-year tax due when you register the car, of £1,750. Annual road tax is only £130 a year thereafter, but because it costs more than £40,000, the NSX also incurs the ‘premium’ tax of £310 annually from years two to six, for a total of £440 a year during that time.


The Honda NSX is a rare car, and that tends to keep resale values high. The NSX is so rare, in fact, that as we write there are only two used examples for sale in the country. Even so, you can expect to lose a big chunk of money on the NSX – some £20,000 in the first couple of years even if your mileage is low. This is a fairly average rate of depreciation for most of the NSX’s rivals, too.