Ford Mondeo Hybrid practicality & boot space

Good interior space for passengers, but the Ford Mondeo Hybrid's saloon body style has some drawbacks

Length Width Height Boot volume (seats up)
4,871mm 1,852mm 1,482mm 383 litres

As far as passengers are concerned, the Mondeo Hybrid is perfectly spacious. In fact, there’s as much room in the Hybrid as there is any Mondeo. There’s a good amount of storage space, too, but the batteries for the hybrid system have to go somewhere, and they go at the rear of the car, which eats into boot space.

To make matters worse, the Mondeo Hybrid is only available as a saloon, which is the least practical body style in the range.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid interior space, storage & comfort

If you’re in the front of the Mondeo Hybrid, you simply won’t have anything to complain about in terms of the space of offer. There’s loads of it, meaning the Mondeo is at least on par with its rivals.

On top of that, there’s space in the back for two large adults to sit comfortably – and three at a pinch - and there’s even plenty of places to stash your odds and ends: the glovebox is a decent size, and there are a pair of cupholders in the front, as well as a tray behind the gearstick.

Boot space

As far as practicality and versatility go, the real fly in the ointment is the boot. The hybrid is only available as a saloon, which immediately makes it less easy to use in everyday life. That’s because the rear windscreen doesn’t lift when you open the tailgate, and that makes it far more awkward to get things in and out than it is either the hatchback or estate versions of the Mondeo.

To make matters worse, the boot itself is much smaller in the HEV saloon than in other Mondeos. Thanks to the amount of room given over to all the components in the hybrid system, the boot space in this version of the Mondeo only adds up to 383 litres. That’s far less than the 550 litres you can get in the hatchback, although a little better than you’ll get in a Prius.