Ford Mondeo Hybrid MPG & CO2 emissions

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid's economy and emissions are nothing special, but it does make some sense as a company car

MPG (comb) MPG (urban) MPG (extra urban) CO2
58.9mpg 57.7mpg 74.3mpg 108g/km

There was a time when a family car with CO2 emissions of just over 100g/km and fuel economy of around 60mpg would be very impressive – but not now. At a time when the Mondeo Hybrid's rivals are mostly plug-in hybrids and have much lower emissions, the Ford doesn’t look that special.

Admittedly, the hybrid technology does make this one of the best Mondeos for company-car users, but you don’t have to look far to find a similar car from a rival maker that’s even better. And, if you’re a private buyer looking for an economical Mondeo, this isn’t that much more frugal in everyday use than a diesel.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid MPG & CO2 emissions

The Mondeo Hybrid comes in two trim levels, but they both return the same figures under the latest fuel-economy and emissions tests: 58.9mpg and 108g/km of CO2.

That might have been impressive back in the day, but not any more. In fact, if you only take fuel economy into consideration, the Mondeo Hybrid isn’t that much better than a diesel. Almost every diesel-engined Mondeo returns more than 50mpg under the latest tests. And, given that we only saw 43mpg from a Mondeo Hybrid when we tested it, it’s not hard to see that a diesel could easily return better economy in the real world.

The one advantage the Mondeo Hybrid does have is for company-car users. Thanks to its relatively low CO2 emissions (compared to other Mondeos, anyway) and the fact that it doesn’t incur the diesel surcharge, it can work out cheaper to run.

Charge time

Although most of the Mondeo Hybrid's rivals are plug-ins, this is a self-charging hybrid. In other words, you never need to plug the car in to charge it up; all that happens in the course of driving it, through regenerative braking.

Battery warranty

There's no separate warranty for the battery – or any of the hybrid system’s components, for that matter. They're all covered by the Mondeo's standard new-car warranty, which runs for three years or 60,000 miles (whichever comes sooner).