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BMW i8 Roadster (2018-2020) practicality & boot space

The i8 Roadster’s layout and eye-catching doors mean it’s actually not so practical. Boot space is even more limited than in the Coupe

Overall rating

4.0 out of 5

Practicality & boot space rating

2.0 out of 5

LengthWidthHeightBoot volume (seats up)
4,689mm1,942mm1,289mm88 litres

The BMW i8 Roadster’s interior is plush, but it isn’t the most spacious – and because of the folding soft top and where this is stored within the body, it’s actually not as usable as the Coupe when it comes to boot space. Due to the small windows and the void that the roof folds into, rear visibility isn’t great either, while the Roaster is strictly a two seater. At least there is some good storage behind the front seats, even if the front of the cabin is more limited when it comes to where you’ll put your phone and wallet.

BMW i8 Roadster interior space, storage & comfort

Interior storage space in the i8 Roadster is actually better than in the Coupe. That’s because this car loses the fixed roof model’s two small rear seats due to where the roof folds away, so there is a sizeable storage ledge and an elasticated pocket back there for extra items.

Apart from this, like in the Coupe the Roadster’s storage is limited to the centre console bin and cup-holders, plus a small glovebox. There’s not all that much space to put anything more than a few items that are within reach, although there are a couple of cup-holders for drinks and other items. The seats are comfortable, with a good level of adjustment, but it’s not that easy to lower yourself into them due to the chunky sills, raked windscreen and unusual doors. It also feels as though you sit a little high compared with other convertible sports cars.

The roof folds down electrically and with it down on the move there is some noticeable turbulence inside the cabin – there’s a small glass screen you can put up behind you which helps to reduce the level of buffeting on the move, but at motorway speeds you’ll have to raise your voice to hold a conversation. With the roof up it’s not as refined as the Coupe. While the soft top features clever acoustic damping material, this sound deadening doesn’t help around the door and roof seals, where there’s slightly more wind noise than we’d like. It’s a small price to pay for the style on offer though, and isn’t an issue at lower speeds.

Boot space

There’s just 88 litres of luggage space under the rear cover of the i8 Roadster – that’s 66 litres less than in the Coupe – so most owners will need that storage compartment behind the seats to help accommodate extra luggage. The boot itself will just about swallow two squashy weekend bags, but if you’re heading away for a longer period or have any bulkier items, you might have to put them in the rear of the interior.

Bear in mind that the charging cables are also stored in the rear luggage compartment, and while there’s a handy bag that fits the contours of the boot to keep things tidy, it further eats into the level of usable room on offer.

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