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Skoda Enyaq iV range, battery & charging

The Enyaq iV offers a choice of two batteries, for up to 333 miles on a charge – although cold weather affects range

Skoda Enyaq iV
Overall rating

4.5 out of 5

Range, battery & charging rating

4.0 out of 5

ModelBattery sizeRangeWallbox charge timeRapid charge time
Enyaq iV 6058kWh256 miles9hrs 30mins (0-100%, 7.4kW)33mins (10-80%, 100kW)
Enyaq iV 8077kWh333 miles12hrs 45mins (0-100%, 7.4kW)34mins (10-80%, 125kW)

Choosing which Enyaq iV is right for you is relatively straightforward. There are two battery sizes to pick from, each of which can be paired with a selection of interior ‘Design Selections’. Each interior theme only differs by a few hundred pounds, so it’s best to simply go for the one that you like the look of most.

The big influencing factor, then, is which battery to choose, and how quickly you want to be able to charge your car. The smaller-battery model is badged 'Enyaq iV 60', while the bigger-battery car is called the 'Enyaq iV 80'. All come with 50kW rapid charging as standard, which in this day and age is little more than satisfactory. Thankfully, you can upgrade to 100kW charging on the 60, or 125kW charging on the 80.

Skoda Enyaq iV range

Skoda claims the Enyaq iV will do between 256 and 333 miles on a charge depending which battery you go for. However, in our experience – in the colder months of the year at least – you’ll struggle to get close to that figure in real-world driving.

Our test of the smaller-battery Enyaq iV 60 on a chilly spring morning showed around 165 miles on a full charge, and around 210 miles for the Enyaq iV 80. That’s a significant drop on the quoted figures, although you’d hope warmer weather might give a more positive reading. We’ll update this review when we’ve given the chance to try one in the summer.

That said, even after some fairly unsympathetic testing, the range readout dropped largely in line with the actual distance travelled – suggesting a gentler driving style might return a more favourable range figure.

Charge time

As standard, all Enyaq iV models come with 50kW CCS rapid charging. This will charge the entry-level Enyaq iV 60 from 10-80% in 55 minutes, or the bigger-battery Enyaq iV 80 in an hour and 10 minutes for. Enyaq iV 60 customers can upgrade to 100kW rapid charging, reducing that benchmark to 33 minutes, while Enyaq iV 80 buyers get the option of 125kW charging; the slightly longer 34-minute charge time in this instance is due to the bigger battery size.

Many buyers will choose to charge at home, however. Doing so from a 7kW wallbox will top up the Enyaq iV 60’s battery in around nine-and-a-half hours, while the larger-battery Enyaq 80 takes almost 13 hours to do the same. All Enyaq iVs come with a cable for home wallbox charging as standard.

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