Renault Clio E-TECH hybrid MPG & CO2 emissions

Although it can't offer significant pure-electric running, the Clio hybrid nonetheless returns some pretty decent economy and emissions figures

Renault Clio hybrid
Fuel economy (combined) Fuel economy (high) Fuel economy (low) CO2 emissions
64mpg TBC TBC 98-99g/km

A non-plug-in hybrid like the Clio E-TECH is never going to match the lofty fuel-economy and ultra-low CO2 emissions numbers of plug-in hybrid cars, but there aren't really any models in the supermini class using that technology right now. Ranged against equivalent rivals such as the Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz hybrids, the Clio stacks up pretty well.

Renault Clio E-TECH hybrid MPG & CO2 emissions

Official fuel economy based on test conditions is pegged at 64mpg for all versions of the Clio hybrid and based on the car's ability to use electric mode quite frequently in typical urban and suburban driving, we wouldn't be surprised to get quite close to that number in every day motoring – we saw 61mpg during our time with the car.

CO2 emissions vary very slightly depending on the trim level chosen: the cheaper Play and Iconic models put out 98g/km, while the larger alloy wheels of the R.S. Line and S Edition cars bump the official number up to 99g/km. For both fuel economy and CO2 emissions, the Clio hybrid has slightly inferior numbers to the Yaris but is slightly better than the Honda; the difference is marginal in any case.