MG ZS EV practicality & boot space

The MG ZS EV offers a useful combination of comfort and capacity, with plenty of room inside for a family and their luggage

Length Width Height Boot volume (seats up)
4,314mm 2,048mm 1,644mm 470 litres

The ZS EV's mini-SUV shape means you get a lot of car for your money, both inside and out. Occupant and luggage space is generous, while soft suspension makes for a comfortable ride on most roads.

MG ZS EV interior space, storage & comfort

The ZS has lost no interior space in the transition from petrol to electric power, which is to say it's still very spacious inside. One potential bugbear, though, is that the steering wheel only adjusts upwards and downwards, but not backwards and forwards for reach. Depending on your shape and size, you may struggle to find an ideal driving position.

Some may also find the driving position a little high – although equally many people buy SUVs for this very reason.

Overall space is excellent, front and rear, with plenty of knee, head and legroom for all occupants. Plumping for Excite specification gets you a panoramic roof for an even more airy and spacious feel, while the relatively soft suspension soaks up harsh bumps and road surfaces pretty well. The ZS is quiet inside, too: the whine of the electric motor is well suppressed.

Boot space

With the rear seats in place, the ZS EV actually has more boot space than its petrol-engined counterpart: 470 litres versus 448. However, this situation is reversed when the seats are lowered: in this case, the EV holds 1,100 litres and the petrol 1,375.

The ZS EV also compares favourably with electric-car rivals in this department: it's about a match for the Kia e-Niro's luggage capacity and will hold more than a Nissan Leaf. It's a well shaped boot, too, with a dual-height floor allowing you to choose between a flat surface or maximum capacity.