MG ZS EV running costs

Running costs for private buyers will be very low, and upcoming tax changes will make the MG ZS EV extremely attractive as a company-car

Insurance group Warranty Service interval 2020/21 company-car tax cost (20%/40%)
TBC Seven years / 80,000 miles TBC £0

Nothing about the ZS EV makes it expensive to own: electricity is cheaper than petrol, road tax is zero for the time being, company-car tax is low (and zero in the next financial year) and even servicing will be less expensive than it is for the petrol equivalent. Simply put, the ZS EV will be one of cheapest-to-run family SUVs you can buy.

MG ZS EV insurance group

The ZS EV's insurance group hadn't yet been confirmed, but with the petrol variant only falling into groups 10-14, the ZS should be among the most affordable electric cars to insure on the market.


MG's warranty cover is very impressive, matching Kia's seven-year duration.

Its mileage limit of 80,000 is not quite as high as Kia's 100,000, but electric-car drivers are less likely to cover high mileages, so the MG cover should be very appealing to many buyers for the long-term peace of mind it offers.


We don't have an exact service interval for the ZS EV yet, but MG estimates it'll cost half as much as the petrol ZS to service. All MG dealerships will be set up to maintain the ZS EV, with trained technicians and charging points on site.

Road tax

As with all zero-emissions cars, the ZS EV doesn't attract any road tax. That may change in future years as the number of electric cars on the road goes up, but for now it's one less bill to worry about.

Company-car drivers get away very lightly, too: electric cars will enjoy zero Benefit-in-Kind tax during the 2020-21 financial year, with the rate rising to just 1% for the following 12 months.