Ford Mach 1 electric SUV set to debut in 2020

The electric Mach 1 crossover looks set to be revealed by Ford before the end of the year

Ford is working on a new electric performance SUV inspired by its Mustang sports car. Codenamed the Mach 1, the crossover is likely to appear later in 2019 before hitting showrooms in 2020.

Teased for the first time last year, the Mach 1 will be built on a dedicated electric-car platform and deliver a range of over 370 miles, according to the brand.

The design and packaging of the crossover has already been settled, although our sole glimpse of the exterior so far only reveals the Mustang-inspired tail-lights.

Prototype testing is expected to take place over the next few months, with the car’s launch to follow in the latter stages of 2019.

Ford used its annual financial review to confirm the imminent arrival of the Mach 1. Originally the marque had planned to build a more practical, family-orientated electric SUV, but has instead opted to begin with a performance model in order to stand out in the market.

No performance details are known at this stage, although the Ford Mach 1 will likely use lithium-ion batteries and be built at one of the company's factories in Mexico. It'll also incorporate fast-charing capability

Ford – which recently revealed a facelifted version of the Mondeo Hybrid – is working towards having 40 electrified vehicles in its global line-up by 2022. Among them is a hybrid Mustang, which is due next year.